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By parkinit On 2011.12.24 19:18
Okay, this post is not about my PWP, but me. the last few weeks, I've noticed in the evenings that I'm experiencing heart palpitations and sometimes I just seem very, very overwhelmed. For those of you who have mentioned anti-depressants, did any of you experience this? I keep thinking I'm on the verge of being depressed, but I stay busy, so maybe the business is keeping me from a full-blown depression or maybe I do have a functioning depression.

I just feel very overwhelmed right now and my spouse is experiencing anxiety and today said to me, "I've been calling you to help me about 10 times, but you won't help me!" I was outside finishing up some work he had started and he knew I was outside (or he did at one time). He then said, "I could have had a high blood pressure episode, and you wouldn't help me!" Again, I feel this is emotional blackmail - like I am responsible for his health and he can stumble around outside and almost fall in the pool (I recently found out he did fall in the pool awhile back), but he blames me for his high blood pressure if I don't come running when he calls for me.

Did I mention that I feel overwhelmed by him forcing me to be so very responsible for his health when he is totally irresponsible? He now expects me to scoop a spoon full of pills in his mouth. He doesn't ask what they are and doesn't know if they are on time or not - this is my responsibility. I'm just exhausted with feeling so responsible and then him blaming me for "not behind responsible."

By LOHENGR1N On 2011.12.24 23:09
Sounds like it could be anxiety but it would be wise to run it by Your Doctor just to make sure.

By poppadum On 2011.12.25 06:02
Parkinit, you need to speak to your doctor. I went into a deep depression because I didn't see it coming.
Possibly your body is not producing the necessary hormones to keep your head balanced and may have to take some meds to remedy it. Please don't wait as long as I did to see a doc because then it's harder to get out of it. It is NOT a question of "pull yourself together". That's old hat. Your body is telling you that it needs help.
Panic attacks CAN be cause by too much oxygen intake (though there can be other reasons). I carry a bag with me to breathe into to reduce the oxygen intake. A paper one is the safest but any bag will do. If you cannot lay your hands on one immediately, cup your hands over your mouth, concentrate on breathing SLOWLY and not too deeply. It WILL pass, keep that in mind.
Lately I've been seeing a psychologist who tought me to accept things which cannot be changed (well, some of them but every little helps).
It's not your spouse's fault, it's all Mr Parkinson who causes the trouble, including the panicking. Your spouse is not trying to make you feel guilty. He is frightened.
In spite of all this I wish that joy can enjoy Christmas. - Hug

By Michele On 2011.12.25 06:24
I can relate to being overwhelmed. Sounds like depression and anxiety but like the previous posts - get to your doctor to have yourself checked out to see if it is depression/anxiety or something else. I have been taking antidepressants for a few years and I can tell you that on the occasions that I feel overwhelmed and/or have a "meltdown" it is because I forgot to take my antidepressant. Please take care of yourself. Peace to you on this Christmas day.

By parkinit On 2011.12.25 21:44
I'll schedule a checkup. I just reread my post and I know the things I complain about, my PWP cannot help and I shouldn't blame him. He is anxious when I'm not there (he feels so vulnerable) and that makes me anxious because he is... It is a viscous cycle, isn't it?

By JividMcIreland On 2012.01.16 23:35
Parkinson's Caretakers,
Think of how hard these holidays are for us. We have to do the holiday "stuff" and still take care of a person who is... at best.... "having problems." WOW!

I send love and prayers to each one of you. We made it thru.

By karolinakitty On 2012.01.17 10:23
parkinit... i have had panic attacks in the past and there are several things they may help you out before getting any prescribed meds...

My first attack wasn't that severe, but i did almost pass out...the doc at that time put me on a heart monitor for a weekend and told me to start with caffeine and no smoking....well i did the no caffeine, but i still smoke....the second biggest one I had, i seriously thought i was having a heart attack and after the stress test they orderes a heart cath...well thank God it was nothing but i had been drinking decaf coffee and tea, totally staying away from sodas and still i was having some issues.... i come to find that even decaf products have caffeine in them so NOW i have absolutely NO coffee....period... I started drinking herbal teas with NO caffeine..... hibiscus flower teas taste just like black tea so the taste is there.....
Chocolate..especially dark....contains stimulants too...i still have mine but in also might produce, like me, too much B complex vitamins which cause you to be a little antsy to say the far nothing to combat that, I just have to balance things out....there is also one herbal treatment I use that is called Nutra-calm... it is for women pre, post and menopausal ... it really helps actually has catnip in it which in women like me, a little ADHD, works opposite and calms you rather than makes you
hope this helps a little...

By parkinit On 2012.01.19 20:32
Thanks, the doctor suspects panic attacks as well. I'm still waiting (after 2 weeks!) on the results of the heart monitor testing. After several calls to the doctors office, I've decided it must have been benign or they would have called me sooner and with more haste!

My dr. asked if I would be willing to take meds. I said no. I will deal with them other natural ways. Thanks KK for your information.

By parkinit On 2012.06.23 11:28
Just reviewing the forum for information and found this posting I had started. Here is "the rest of the story."

I removed all caffeine and alcohol (even though I infrequently partook). The palpitations are gone.

By LOHENGR1N On 2012.06.23 11:57
Great, thanks for passing it along and letting Us know.

By cmonge On 2012.06.24 00:15
I can totally relate to what you are going through as I suffer from both depression and anxiety attacks which have worsened since my husband was diagnosed. I go to individual therapy and take 3 meds! Do not be afraid of meds. Although it is wise to exercise and do breathing exercises, the meds really help because you don't know when it will hit and unfortunately it could be when your spouse is in danger and really needs you. You must take care of yourself in order to take care of him. I cannot stress this enough. I also know how you feel about your spouse depending on you and sometimes being demanding and selfish. Mine is the same way and often I just lose it. Remember, it's okay to be demanding and selfish too every once in a while. We give up everything for these guys and we deserve a break! We are human!

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