For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By apps4u On 2011.12.25 16:50 [Edit]

My mom (54) was recently diagnosed with PD - around July. She has a tremor in her right hand almost all the time, and occasionally in her right leg (but not too often). She has a hard time sleeping due to occasional anxiety (nothing specific, she says it's subconscious worrying).

She has tried some Ayurvedic medicine (tablets/liquids) from a doctor here in the US. While they worked a little initially, it hasn't been super effective recently.

She is considering going to an ayurvedic treatment center in India for 1 month treatment.

Could any of you suggest specific treatments or treatment centers she might consider? Including but not limited to Ayurveda.

We've ruled out Chinese accupuncture because it involves having needles in your head during working hours, etc. and frankly the thought freaks us out! Any suggestions most welcome.


By poppadum On 2011.12.25 21:46
Hi apps4u, I don't have any knowledge of the workings of Ayurveda but I used to have regular acupuncture treatments for migraine attacks. They helped for many years but they are quite expensive here and not refunded by the health insurance. Due to the frequency of the attacks I had to stop the treatment.
I chose to try acupuncture because I thought that needles being put into my head would work just right as I thought it would "free up" the pain directly, although migraine is not limited to the head as bowels and/or stomach may play up at the same time. The needles would be placed in my head, hands, feet and the back or side of my legs.
Have you had any experience with acupuncture and if not, is it the use of needles that worries you, needles being placed in your head, the thought of the pain it mights cause or do you have other reasons?

As for the workings of it, there are some good explanations to be found on the internet.

Come to think of it, I could suggest trying acupuncture to hubby as we have not considered it to date. Thanks for the idea.

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