For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By mytngenes On 2011.12.27 17:05
An informal and unscientific poll:

Of those Parkinson's patients who've been prescribed medication for anxiety/panic attacks, do you take Xanax or Valium~or perhaps something else?

I am curious because one neurologist prescribed one of theses anti-anxiety meds for hubby and a few months later a different neuro in the same PD group changed the prescript to the other drug stating he "liked it better".


By rmshea On 2011.12.27 21:59
My MIL is on generic Effexor(venlaxafine)-her doc is movement disorder specialist with a fellowship in psychiatry. He says it is more effective on Parkinsons patients.

By Michele On 2011.12.30 18:52
Hi, my pwp husband has taken both Xanax and Effexor for panic attacks and depression respectively. He had anxiety and panic for years before being diagnosed with PD. Interestingly, as my husband's PD got worse, he is in end stage now, he is not experioencing panic and we were able to decrease and then stop Xanax. He still takes Effexor but at a lower dose. From personal experience, I take Effexor too, I can say that Effexor helps both anxiety and depression. I have also found that doctors do have their own opinions about meds based on their experience with their patients. The bottom line, as you know, is that everyone reacts to meds differently and it is alway trial and error. Good luck to youand your husband.

By JividMcIreland On 2012.01.16 23:29
I have personally used Valium and Xanax. It affects different people in different ways, but basically....Valium affects mood without making a person sluggish or sleepy. Xanax tends to relax a person and slow down thoughts and movements...a little sleepy, maybe, too. Valium is very, very hard to get a scrip for. Xanax is somewhat hard to get a script for, but not as hard as Valium. (my experiences.)
I am currently taking Effexor for anxiety/depression and I will never quit it. I have always been "edgy" and the Effexor takes that edge off.
My husband takes Xanax, but not daily. He only takes it when he feels anxious.
I agree with the other person, who said, different meds affect people differently. Trial and error, and corrections should be the way.
I think caretakers need meds, too. This is not an easy road to travel.

By karolinakitty On 2012.01.17 10:12
just a side note that the drugs mentioned above are on the APDA drugs to be avoided with PD...the two they say have the least risk of worsening symptoms are Clozapine(clozaril) and Quetiapine(Seroguel)

By parkinit On 2012.01.17 23:36
My spouse took both clonazepam and seroquel. Dr removed seroquel and I've noticed heightened anxiety.

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