For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By barb On 2012.01.05 20:37
What do you do when someone refuses to hire outside help? I'm exhausted and my health has deteriorated. I've explained, I've pleaded to no avail. I can't force him to spend his money on help but I hesitate to leave him alone because I'm just never sure he'll be okay. I'm sure the only way he'll get help is if I leave.

By packerman On 2012.01.06 09:56
as much as you love him, you are not responsible for his choices.
he may need to hit bottom to appreciate all that you do for him.
mine did...and we are now stronger for it.

By JividMcIreland On 2012.01.16 22:59
Barb, My husband felt the same. But I sat him down and told him. We are in for the long haul with Parkinsons. I NEED R & R to continue my work/care/concern/observations, etc.
PLUS, if something happens while you are getting your battery re-charged, you will feel very, very bad.
He needs to know that YOU need the space and time to recharge.
Is he able to understand?
A "sitter" is a good person to be there. Or maybe a neighbor or a relative?
It has worked for me. Sometimes, I just go visit a friend across the street.
PLUS, we also have an alarm system with a button that he can push to alarm.

I hope something here helped you out. We are all stressed to the Nth degree, huh?

By kbp On 2012.01.16 23:05

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