For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By dnna0829 On 2012.01.12 14:53
I am a nurse consultant/advocate who cares for a woman ( she has had for Parkinson's disease for the past 22 years). She lives at home with her husband. I currently utilize 5 woman (various ages and skill levels) to provide 24 hour support for her and her husband. The battles of disease, safety and independence are wearing the staff (including me) down and now an added bonus of the couple fight and scream at each other has made it even more difficult. There is stress throughout.... woman and her husband, staff and the children of the couple. All look to me for answers and light at the end of the tunnel. Help ??!!

By housemouse On 2012.01.12 21:04
I am no expert, believe me, as I am struggling with my beloved husband's personality changes, and the non-motor symptoms that are making him miserable.

But, my first intuition when reading your post is that perhaps it is time for these two lovebirds to separate, and get into individual solo nests.

It might be worth a "trial separation" to see if they are more manageable individually than they are together. Then the adult children can re-assess, and make a new plan?

Just a thought.

By brainstorm On 2012.01.13 08:03
One way may be to shorten their shifts,... say if they are doing 12 hour shifts, then cut it to 8 hour shifts, if 8 hours, cut to 6 hours. other is days in a row if they are on 3 days on and 3 days off, may have to go 2 days on 2 days off. At the same time when they come to you looking for answers, tell them it is the disease and meds that is making the patient issues worse.

As far as the couple fighting, you may have to talk to the husband if he well, about their fights and the stress it produces for everyone.

By karolinakitty On 2012.01.13 08:45
Donna.. one thing you don't mention is whether or not she has Dementia...if she does not than you need to have a sit down with both....

In the world of PD and Caregiving..there is a definite difference between the caregiver roles...unfortunately there are many women with PD who after dx have lost their spouse....the relationship falls apart and the man just leaves.... Lord knows I am not being a "pig" here just stating facts from various caregiver sites....

Is she going into dementia?
Is he never getting any time away from her?
WHen ya'll are there...why is he still there? he may need to just go away... or are they BOTH being cared for with different ailments...
If he is more mobile suggest some day care activities or senior outings he could be involved with...certainly if they have 24/7 caregivers there needs to be time away from each other....

I have a posted here earlier on the 36 hour caregiver... i think if you put that in the search here it should come up..if not email me @ and I'll send you a copy of it.......

It might give you some ideas but it deals mostly with dementia peoples...

wishing you the best!!!!

Life is precious ..cherish every moment

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