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By LotsaBob On 2012.01.14 14:02
Hi everyone,
Well, it finally happened. I finally received my award from the VA.They rated me 100% disabled. I received a substanial retro check and $3601.00 sent to me every month for the rest of my life. But in all fairness ,it hasn't been about the money. It has been about my health care. The money can't buy back my health and the government has been responsible for that. AGENT ORANGE is a killer no matter how you look at it.Believe me I was exposed to it a lot. They tell me that 390 VietNam veterans die from agent orange exposure every day and the last boots on the ground VietNam veteran will be buried by one of the remaining WW II veterans. Oh well, I can't dwell on that just like I don't dwell on my PD. I am going to live long enough to see a cure invented. Bob...........

By parkinit On 2012.01.14 18:46
I'm curious about the amount. We were rated 100% due to AO exposure as well, but don't get that amount...

By karolinakitty On 2012.01.14 20:23
Lotsabob.... I am so happy for you...glad you got your 100%...hopefully others will be as persistant as the two of you on this board have been......I know it takes a lot to get through all the paperwork...

Just mentioned to someone I know on the board in Columbia, SC VA...I told him they need to stop this wording nonsense how the docs put things and get on with paying these guys what they deserve......

By shakydog On 2012.01.15 02:41
If the average G.I. Joe spent 11 months in country and was exposed to enough chemical to cause harm, how much harm was caused to the mixer boys and flagger girls that worked for years applying the same chemicals to our food supply?

Thank God that they are finally accepting some responsibility for part of their actions.

There is no cure. Get over it.

By LotsaBob On 2012.01.15 08:02
parkinit, Ireceived aid and attendence and a couple of add ons also. That is probably the difference.

By LotsaBob On 2012.01.15 11:03
Problem is shakydog is that agent orange "IS NOT" the same thing that is being sprayed on the farmers crops. Agent orange has "DIOXIN" in it and the other herbicides do not. It is the dioxin that is the killer.

By parkinit On 2012.01.15 15:29
LotsaBob - Thanks - that's the difference. We are still working on A&A. I applied for A&A. The VA Dr. sent it on to the wrong person and it got lost. I sent another letter to the doctor with a form for A&A including a SASE asking he return to me over a month ago and no response. I need to follow up. It is a weary, painful road to travel - the VA system! We must be persistent!

By monopoly17 On 2012.01.15 15:43
I give up on A&A...I've tried to contact the Va and left messages. No one ever calls back. My Husband is now on Hospice and confined to bed under sedation. It's just a matter of time before The Lord calls him home. I really feel that's why they take so long. I used to be the person who defended our country but I have since woke up and smelled the coffee. They don't care about the Vet....they care about the almighty dollar!Our healthcare system for theaging STINKS.....Hope you all have better luck then I did.

By mylove On 2012.01.15 20:55
Lotsabob - CONGRATS! That's great!

Dioxin was included in AO, but it's also a chemical byproduct of a lot of other processes. ("Dioxin is formed as an unintentional by-product of many industrial processes involving chlorine such as waste incineration, chemical and pesticide manufacturing and pulp and paper bleaching."

I think it's time we recognized environmental toxins period. It's too hard to find that ever-elusive "proof", but as long as some of us are coming first and blazing the trail with successes, it will be easier for those who come behind. I'm always glad to hear of another success.

By LotsaBob On 2012.01.15 21:36
mylove: Actually Agent Orange's chemical make up is a combination of different compounds:A 50/50 mix of 2,4,5,-T and 2,4-D. But they found out it was contaminated with 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzodioxin that really made it potent. I have tried to learn all I can about what will evenually kill me. Bob...........

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