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By parkinit On 2012.01.15 15:34
I know this is an "individually" tailored area: How much protein can our PWP tolerate?

I've researched on this site, but it wasn't discussed in depth - which I would like to do.

It appears the consensus is that the bulk of protein should be eaten at the evening meal. The thought process being on this is that if it impacts mobility, you more than likely will be home and it will affect you while not out and about.

I've read everything from no more than 7 grams PER DAY (which I believe is too severe) upwards. I'm curious to hear what others are experiencing (if you are tracking grams of protein eaten at a time) and how it impacts your beloveds. My spouse just had only 4 grams of protein this morning at breakfast and tried to take his pills at the same time. It appears he was severely impacted. My thought - was it really the 4 grams of protein or some other "unknown" issue?

Please let me know what you are experiencing with protein/pills. Of course, we try to avoid mixing pills with protein within an hour of one another, but there are some times that we simply cannot.

By Lynnie2 On 2012.01.16 13:52
I don't know how much protein he should have but you certainly should try to avoid taking the pills with protein. My husband takes his pills at 7 a.m. and then has breakfast at 8 a.m. or later. If we have to go somewhere and he has to eat his breakfast earlier, then he takes the pills at 6 a.m. It doesn't hurt to change the times once in a while.
The other day the specialist asked him if he notices any difference after taking the pills or does he notice them kicking in. His answer was that he doesn't notice any change. Maybe your husband notices a change and since he was eating protein, it hindered the effect.

By karolinakitty On 2012.01.17 09:21

It should be actually 2 hours with the pills and protein...not based on the proteins themselves but based on the time it usually takes the medication to get out of the stomach.
The proteins slow the absorption of the medication going from the stomach into the blood stream, crossing the blood barrier and then going to the brain.

As far as the amount of proteins for PD patients it does vary and I too couldn't find one specific amount that is recommended.

But as I figure, like everything with PD, it depends upon that persons ability to handle ??? amounts of it.....

When we first got into the issue with proteins we did a diet of one meal a day with no proteins and then progressed to one day on and one day off of proteins... it helped a naseau, no extreme worked well. we are now at a point where it seems it doesn't matter.. proteins don't seem to affect him as bad as they used to..and it might be for many different reasons, but from our "playing around" this is what we did.....

Like I said we started out one meal and then did the one day...during that time we also added something called "Gastro Health". Gastro Health is an herbal remedy for H-pylori. it balances out the good and bad bacteria in the stomach. This combo is very important for the absorption of drugs as well as the absorption of proteins, carbs the stomach...when the good/bad is off balance the whole system breaks down.

Now you don't HAVE to be on this gastro health forever....the rule is one month for every 10 years of age...we were on it for 5months...we chose to be on a maintenance dose, of course, which is one day every 2 weeks....for it is ever changing with PD....all has been good in that area....NOW he actually takes his first dose of pills, which are non-PD related WITH a Peanut butter sandwich, loaded with protein. His PD meds aren't but 2 hours later and no issues....I try and build our meals around the dosages and visa versa.... again not always possible depending on the day, but he now eats whatever and we don't worry about the proteins, he eats what he wants.

By parkinit On 2012.02.06 05:00
My spouse takes his Meds every 2.5 hours so, as you can imagine, the "perfect world" of taking pills two hours before eating isn't a reality for us. Additionally, he snacks out of my sight and takes no concern with how close it is to his pills. I guess he will contine to suffer repercussions when this happens. Sometimes I call him for meals, and because he easily loses track of time, he shows up 10-20 minutes later than when I told him the meals are ready. I've tried going back to remind him, but he just becomes highly agitated when I do, so I leave him alone. It's very difficult to balance everything.

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