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By parkinit On 2012.01.16 09:08
On your flushing issues, the following may cause flushing (from Wikipedia):
Neurologic flushing

Neurologic flushing occurs in association with the following conditions.

Simple blushing
Brain tumors
Spinal cord lesions
Orthostatic hypotension
Migraine headaches
Parkinson's disease
Drugs that may cause flushing

In susceptible individuals, the medications that may cause flushing include:

All vasodilators
All calcium channel blockers
Nicotinic acid (flush may be blocked with aspirin or indometacin)
Amyl nitrite and butyl nitrite
Cholinergic drugs
Thyroid releasing hormone
Cyproterone acetate
Systemic steroids

Hope this helps. Many PD drugs may be included in this mix as well. Amantadiene as well as cdopa/ldopa.

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