For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By LOHENGR1N On 2012.01.24 15:32
I've got a question many here can help Me with I hope. It has to do with Movement Disorder Specialists. I know many P.D.ers here go to them. My Question is do they discuss the other aspects of Parkinson's Disease with Caregivers/Partners and Patient or mostly concentrate upon our movement?

You know the autonomic nervous system issues or blood pressure problems, ocular, breathing, thought issues, sleep problems the whole package? I've been curious regarding this for some time, wondering if Neurology is following the path of getting away from the GP and splitting into sections where you need a specialist to deal with cognition, one for movement, one for circulatory issues? Thanks to any and all who respond. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By packerman On 2012.01.24 15:45
ours has been quick to write a prescripton for physical therapy on his own, but has only written referrals for other specialists at my request.
to his credit, he runs the annual PD symposium and brings in other disciplines to explain the connection between their studies/clinics and his PD/MD one.

By moonswife On 2012.01.24 21:09
We doctor with a HUGE HMO, Kaiser Permanente. Our movement disorder specialist is super, and is quick to refer to other specialists. We have had falls that resulted in two shoulder, and one knee surgery. We have fought ocular issues and swollen legs. Seizures are followed by a different neurologist, who, admittedly is not schooled in deep brain stimulation equipment. Now we have rash issues and have seen allergist, and dermatologist. PD related? They do not think so. So on it goes..........

By susger8 On 2012.01.25 07:38
My dad's MDS is knowledgeable about all the aspects of PD, not just movement. He knows much more about the meds and the stages of the disease than our previous garden-variety neurologist. He's dealt with things like night terrors, urinary incontinence, memory/cognition...the whole package. He's great! And you were the person who helped me find him, Lohengr!n, so many thanks!

Dad does of course have other specialists, including a dermatologist, an ophthalmologist, and two cardiologists (one for his heart in general and one specifically for his pacemaker). Like all of you, we make the rounds and keep the medical profession profitable.


By karolinakitty On 2012.01.25 10:12
We only see our Movement doc once or twice a year, depending on progression. He is a teaching doc so we get the once over. It is not only about movement with him, blood pressure ..Yes..he was the one who sent us to the ER during last visit.
tummy troubles...yes...he was even interested in our "snack" theory
ocular...indeed yes....he was very concerned about his eyelids shutting, but on that note would send us to a neuro-opthamologist because, he said, they are more specialized in the event some surgery was needed...

Our new neuro though is up on all things, dementia, sleep disorder, gastro, ocular and he has worked with our movement doc in the past so this gives us a good medical overhaul......

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