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By mylove On 2012.01.25 21:58
Anyone out there on Requip XL? Have you had any problems getting your scrips filled?

Our corner of the world is OUT, and even the warehouses. They all say the manufacturer has it on back order. I can hardly believe Glaxo Smith Kline is OUT of a drug - especially if it isn't on the list of shortages, but so it seems.

Shakydog took his last one today. Tomorrow he will be totally off his meds. (The Requip, anyway. So far so good as far as the Sinemet supply) The pharmacist says he can have a half dose here by afternoon tomorrow, so we're praying for that at least.

Just wondering if it's a regional thing, or if there's a holdup in the pipeline for this drug everywhere.

By karolinakitty On 2012.01.27 17:42
Musst be regional..but my pharmacist always orders one the minute i get one...we are the only one of his customers on it...but then again...we are small town usa.......

By mylove On 2012.01.27 20:32
Update- The pharmacist actually called GSK, who got quite upset about the situation and called their regional distributor to say "What the heck???" So, we now have the 12mgs on their way. Unfortunately, not soon enough, so they traded him out 4 mgs plus 8 mgs. The challenge is that they are extended release, so the effects are going to be unpredictable. I hate playing with meds when we finally got a balance!

The plus is that he did just that, KK. He ordered a month ahead for us, so we don't go through that again. We are the only ones in town on Requip XL, apparently, so if not for him, we are sorry out of luck. :( Thank heavens for small town family pharmacists though!

BTW - Hope it never happens to anyone else. Cold turkey no meds is no picnic. It was rough.

By karolinakitty On 2012.01.27 21:12
we did 2-4mg for several weeks and had no ill effects... hope it will do the same for you.....we took them both at the same time.....he had been switched from 8 down to 4 but it wasn't enough so we went back up to 8 and I wasn't throwing the pills away...too expensive for that so I called and asked the doc if we could double and he said because they were XL - it shouldn't make a difference.....and for us it didn't

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