For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By marky On 2012.01.30 08:58
I have just joined the forum and would like to advise that my wife (who was diagnosed with PD about 3 years ago aged 53) and I are trying to initiate a Support Group here in Dubai, so we would be very interested to hear from fellow PD sufferers in the Gulf Region, or anyone who may be able to help us ? Many thanks - Mark

By karolinakitty On 2012.01.30 21:55
Mark...if you are interested in starting a support group contact the National Parkinson's Foundation or American Parkinson's Disease Association...they have starter kits for support groups including how to get one started in your area...there are many international groups that you could contact also....
I don't know if you do facebook but that is a great place to start....start your own page, it costs nothing, then ask your facebook friends to share your PD page on their own page, you would be surprised who you can reach... I have one "the truth about Parkinson's Disease" and have a nice following, people from different parts of the world have found us, so I am sure you would be able to do the helps you get started knowing who in your area has PD. Several people I just met in this area, who I friended on Facebook posted some articles and I found several others in our area who also have PD......

By marky On 2012.01.31 08:40
Many thanks KK, I've noticed already that everyone we get in contact with is willing to help and impart useful information. I joined a good PD Group on the LinkedIn site, Parkinson's Disease Society, and some of the members have suggested very good links and resources for starting up the Support Group in Dubai. I will therefore follow up on your contacts, and we'll also look into the Facebook idea, although my two sons say I'm too old to have a Facebook page - maybe this will surprise them !!! We are trying to spread the word of the Support Group in Dubai, and I'm convinced there will be many people in the Region who would welcome such a move. Unfortunately PD for the Emirati population is almost a taboo subject, so it will be difficult to reach them easily... but I look forward to the challenge - Mark

By karolinakitty On 2012.02.01 08:38
Mark... you are never too old for facebook....there are actually a lot of good games on facebook to help those with PD with motor skills and memory to help the brain stay strong also..It is the way a lot of us get support from those across the country here and's am open communication line much like this only more personal....when you don't have a support group locally you can go to it really helps.....

By marky On 2012.02.05 01:42
Thanks for the support kk, we've been busy on other matters this weekend, but will try to sort the facebook page later this week. My wife already has one, but is not an avid user, so we will both need to get using the social media to gain a wider audience. Will be back in touch once we have things up & running - Mark

By marky On 2012.05.15 09:18
Hi again kk, it's been longer than expected, but we now have a Facebook page - Parkinson's Support Dubai, Live & Love Life, so please visit the page and 'like' it so we become properly established. Maybe you can guide others to the site, as I'm also trying to connect to the Groups already established within the LinkedIn system. Many thanks for the Facebook suggestion back in March ! Regards - Mark

By karolinakitty On 2012.05.18 08:54
Will do Marky!!!!!!

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