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By mylove On 2012.02.03 23:48
I know not everyone has it, and all plans are different, but I thought I'd share something we found. Evidently even though Shakydog's PD is being covered through disability, somehow our regular health insurance carrier found out that he has the condition, though he's been pretty careful to keep the PD and his other stuff separate. We were concerned about it when we got a phone call from the insurance carrier talking to him about their 'long term illness' program. I was afraid they'd try to bump him off his coverage or something.

It turns out that even though it isn't something they're paying to treat, they got him into this long term illness program through the carrier. Every so often a nurse calls to check in with him, just to see how things are going. They've offered him several connections to services, are sending him a med card and a "I have PD - I'm not drunk" card for his wallet, and spent an hour on the phone with him talking about how he's doing and how he can maximize his care. This is a really nice addition to the support network we've been building, at no additional cost to us. The bonus is that it's not just a call center minimum-wage employee, it was actually a nurse who was knowledgable about the condition.

It's just a thought, but those of you on health insurance plans might see if your carrier does something similar, or has something like a nurse line that you can call if you need to. It would be especially valuable to those without an extensive support system. I know I had no idea it existed for us.

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