For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By trapper On 2012.02.16 18:27
My wife was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2005. And much to my shock, I have been diagnosed as having Parkinson's this past week.

My question:
We both have problems with computer mouse in that R/Click is involuntarily clicked too much while computing.

We both have M310 Logitech Wireless Mice. We had this problem with our older mice as well. She has Dell laptop with XP and I have Dell Desktop with windows 7.

Any advice?


By shakydog On 2012.02.16 20:29
I use an "ergo mouse" like this one

It looks silly and takes some time to learn. But you use a different set of muscles

Welcome to the club


By sunshine On 2012.02.16 23:11
My hubby had the same problem when he was using the computer. We bought him a mouse that has a ball that his hand rests on and it rotates as he points the mouse. The right and left click didn't seem to be an issue with this particular mouse. It is called a two-button scroll wheel trackball mouse. There is a picture on this

Hope this will be helpful.

By susger8 On 2012.02.17 06:32
I think that for some mice you can reduce the sensitivity. But probably a trackball is a better solution.

My dad tried for a long time to get a voice recognition program to work on his computer, but either he was doing something wrong or his voice was too soft or indistinct.


By karolinakitty On 2012.02.17 08:57
my guy had the same issue but all we did was turn down the sensitivity on the mouse. It has worked so far. We have a newer Mac and it has a bluetooth mouse that has a bunch of options to it.....

He has better luck with iPad. The touch of your finger seems to work better for him than clicking an mouse.

By trapper On 2012.02.17 21:50
Thanks to all who replied.

I followed shaky dogs advice and ordered a 3M Ergonomic Mouse today. It is EM550GPL and avalable in Canada so I should get it next week.
Hope it solves my problem --- but time will tell.

By trapper On 2012.03.10 22:43

I now have the Ergonomic Mouse that you recommended a while back.
I just started using it this evening and see that it will take some getting used to, as you said.

The L click and R click with the thumb seems okay but I still haven't figured out the scroll button yet --- the longer one down the side. Can you enlghten me as to how you use that part.

Thanks for your help. It should work out for me I think.


By shakydog On 2012.03.11 23:36
Trapper, the third button is equal to holding down the middle wheel on a regular mouse the cursor will follow the direction you move the mouse to pan up down left or right. So if you hold the button with second and third fingurs you can scroll up and down by moving the mouse away or toward you. Like I said it takes a different set of muscles to use it. Large muscles in your arm instead of little muscles in your wrist.

By trapper On 2012.03.11 23:55

Thanks for the reply.
I'll give it some practise.

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