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By trapper On 2012.02.17 22:43
Perhaps this info is already on this Forum but it didnt show up on a Search I did this evening. So, here is the info:


By lurkingforacure On 2012.02.18 10:03
We're south of you all here in the US but went through this last year. The pills are NOT the same I don't care what they say. Besides being a different color, shape, and without the scoring (so you cannot easily split a pill, why would they do that except to make folks either take a whole pill or ruin one trying to split it, either way they make more money, grrrrr), I think the filler being used is different so that the uptake time and bioaviability is different as well.

We take name brand and have had problems ourselves. My understanding is that it is now being made in China in new facilities (more offshoring of jobs, a nice side effect, sigh). I can't speak for everyone, but I am not impressed with the "new and improved" pills. They also vary rx to rx, one bottle will perform better than another, what does that say about quality control? These are people's lives being affected. I've always wondered just how fast PD research would surge forward if some CEO of a pharma got PD, not that I wish that on anyone.

I think if you get a dud bottle of pills you can take it back to the pharmacy and have it tested. Those could be some interesting test results!

By karolinakitty On 2012.02.18 18:05
We ran into the dud pills when my guy was on Cymbalta. He swears that some pills were "sugar pills" and others were regular. One day they worked day they didn' I asked our pharmacist about it...
We are small town USA and our 2 pharmacies(other than walmart) are owned by the same family. The one however does compounding. He tells me that while there is supposed to be quality control, like all things there are bad batches and they slip through. He says he wouldn't be surprised if all pharmacies go back to compounding as a lot of people are getting fed up with the "manufactured" pills.....

By lurkingforacure On 2012.02.18 18:24
I just read on another forum that levo/carbo combo made by Actavis/Eliza (sp?) was actually recalled, there were that many complaints! The poster said the pharmacist told her he laughed when PWP would tell him the pills were not working but then they were recalled....guess he'll listen a bit more respectfully now. Those poor PWP telling their pharmacist their meds were not working, and him laughing, imagine how they felt! Ugh.

I absolutely would not keep a bottle if it were not working. Take it back and make them test it, this is apparently much more common than I thought. It's only if people keep accepting sub-standard meds that they can continue to make the additional profits. If enough people complain and they face recalls and/or potential lawsuits for cheating on the active ingredient, things might improve. It's too bad that's what it takes sometimes.

And I don't buy the "sometimes a bad bottle slips through", what a bunch of BS. With all the technology we have nowadays? No way. Complain loudly and to everyone involved (pharmacy, state board of pharmacists/pharmacies, FDA, insurance company or medicare/medicaide, etc.) if suddenly meds are not working like they used to. Be sure it's in writing, and keep copies for your records.

By chroop67 On 2012.02.18 22:47
Mom's changed last fall and she was so upset because they look different. It took days of reassuring to calm her down. As if this disease isn't difficult enough......

By susger8 On 2012.02.20 14:03
The last bottle I got for my dad looked very different. Instead of being round, they are oval. Same yellow color, though. I showed them to dad's health aide so that he would be aware that they look different.

If you get a pill splitter gadget, they work quite well even on tablets that aren't scored for splitting. (Don't split anything that is slow release, though, it won't work right.)


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