For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By much2young On 2012.03.02 09:38
I'm new to the site and new to this entire issue. My 37 year old husband was diagnosed with PD just a few days ago. I found this site as I was searching for more info. We are still in shock and have no idea what to expect. He has been experiencing tremors in his left hand that have gradually become worse over the past six months. After discussing this with his PCP, we waited for over a month to see a Neurologist. We were definitely NOT expecting to get this news...he is so young. She was able to point out additional symptoms that we knew nothing about (eg. when walking the left arm does not swing and balance issues). As I mentioned, there are so many unknowns and I'm honestly just looking for a great place for some support. We are on an emotional roller coaster. We have two teenagers with lots of questions as well. The Neurologist started him on a low dosage of medication immediately to see what might work for him. Thankfully, we have a wonderful research center and PD specialists in our area. The neuro has sent a referral so now we wait. I should also mention that my husband is a full time auctioneer. We know that some patients experience changes in voice. Does any have any personal knowledge?

By packerman On 2012.03.02 10:29
welcome to our forum. you will find excellent advice here. there are several of us whose situations are similar to yours.
my hubby is also young onset and was diagnosed at 38. he is now 55. he has had a slow progression (thankfully). we wasted 5 years going to a regular neurologist before we figured out we needed a Movement Disorder Specialist. they really know so much more than a regular neurologist. do your best to find one. it is well worth it.

By much2young On 2012.03.02 10:58
Thank you! Our neurologist is already referring us on. She actually did her residency with a doctor in the area that is now considered one of the top PD Researchers/Specialists and has referred us on to him. The worst part is the wait. All of his records are being sent on and they will get it all set up. He has noticed that the meds do help with the tremor. Unfortunately, our insurance only covers generic. The generic version has to be taken three times a day unlike the name brand extended release. He has been experiencing some nausea after he takes it. I'm hoping that goes away once his body gets used to the meds. If not, it would be worth it to me to just pay for the name brand so he doesn't have to experience that three times a day. We are just taking it one day at a time.

By LOHENGR1N On 2012.03.02 16:11
much2young, Welcome to the forum, great place for info and shoulders to lean on. I'm a Parkinson's Disease Patient. I was diagnosed in 1986 at the age of 33. I'd suggest going to one of the sites APDA or NPF and getting their free informational booklets to help you get started. The American Parkinson disease Association Web site has a link to Young onset and their booklet will be very helpful to you and your family. I'm guessing the low dosage of medication is Sinemet? If this is so I wouldn't run out and spend the cash on it, it doesn't deliver as advertised. Never did you can look it up online, if it did then over the years after the time of protection of patient others would be making it in generic form. It is an emotional roller coaster to be sure and being in a state of shock in natural at this time. Everyone progresses at a different pace and have different issues it seems with this disease or just because someone has these symptoms doesn't mean you'll be dealing with the same symptoms. Take a breath try to remain calm, we're all here to help. If you or your husband ever have any questions or concerns you don't want to post and think I might be of help please feel free to email me at just put PD or something like that in the heading so I don't miss it and spam or delete it. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By much2young On 2012.03.05 17:04
Thank you so much!

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