For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By karolinakitty On 2012.03.04 09:44
My friend Sherryl, has put together a pamphlet to aide law officials in the knowledge of PD. So many times we have heard how PDer's have been pulled over and been accused of being drunk or high on drugs. We heard about the poor man in the airport who they made stay behind and miss his flight because they thought he was drunk, how they stripped him down and gave him a shower and so many other horrid things.
Sherryl came up with this pamphlet, even though APDA now has a card to carry, to hopefully educate those in all types of law enforcement and medical community know what PD is and that it's not just about shaking. She approached ALL the PD networks and no one wanted to aide her in getting this pamphlet out there so with the help of our outreach group she is distributing these pamphlets to all who want them.

I myself am getting some to give to our local law enforcement as well as docs offices, our health center and hospital.
They are cheap, 100 pamphlets for $10..she is charging just to cover costs of printing and postage. If you are interested you can go to the link below and order yours....

By LOHENGR1N On 2012.03.04 12:29
kk, I've looked at the site, however it doesn't show what is exactly printed on the pamphlet. Before I can back it I'd have to see what's on it. You and I both celebrated at the news when Parkinson's Disease was finally recognized as a fatal disease. A step long over due and one that may lead to more urgent funding to find a cure. So one of my major concerns is does this pamphlet like to one from APDA carry the misinformation that Parkinson's isn't fatal and you won't die from it? It would be helpful if the site had a copy of the pamphlet instead of just a small picture of it. I'll reserve judgement on this until I get further information.

By karolinakitty On 2012.03.04 13:55
Ok LO... I'll ask Sherryl to give me a complete look at the Pamphlet and what it says inside...Her and my guy worked on it so I'll look for it and post it here....thanx for asking...

By karolinakitty On 2012.03.04 16:20
LO...I'll email you a copy...

Sherryl really doesn't want it actually ON the web so it won't get stolen and I personally understand she worked hard on this and doesn't want the lurkers to get it.

I can summarize briefly that this pamphlet is mostly for emergency responders, law enforcement. We all thought it would be good for the docs office and for PDers to carry too as we all know how misunderstood this disease is. This pamphlet got started as a friend of hers was totally mistreated by law enforcement as he even stated he had PD, had a APDA card but still the deemed him as uncooperative and arrested him.

As stated on the front of the pamphlet

I am not drunk...and goes into a little about the usual responses they get from folks when pulled over. It tells in this pamphlet how stress and environmental factos can induce more tremors, more drunk-like actions, actions that seem uncooperative such as those with dyskinesia, with flailing arms and such. It has about 20 signs to look for with PWP including DBS. If folks are unaware of DBS and you end up in the ER unconscious and they do an MRI...well ya'll know what I'm talking about....It also has a list of drugs that the PDer may be taking in the event of emergency.

That's about it if anyone else wants details you can email me @ ....put your sign in name on subject line so I know who you are...
For example LO would put Lohengr1n and mylove would put mylove. That way I know it's not a lurker but one of our own....Thank You......

By LOHENGR1N On 2012.03.04 23:04
ok, looks pretty good I've no problem with it.

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