For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By megnut On 2012.03.06 11:36
There are two other caregivers hired to care for my PDer. I am not at all happy with what transpired recently with one of them. My lady fell, unattended, at the toilet, landed on the edge of the tub, and cracked 3 ribs. The caregiver tried to get her off the floor, but the PDer cried out in pain(naturally) so the caregiver just left her there! She put some sofa cushions under her and left her to spend the night on the bathroom floor! She did not phone for help or advice from professionals. When I arrived to take over 2 days later, the PDer was still in pain so I took her to the ER where the fractures were discovered. I am horrified at this treatment. But, and here is the catch, the PDer's daughters are the ones in charge of hiring and firing and they did nothing about this other caregiver... they of course were not particularly happy with this incident, but I find it hard to believe that they wanted to keep this caregiver on. I surely wouldn't if it were my mom!! I continue to worry when I am not there doing the caregiving. How do I cope with this situation? Is it really any of my business? Should I have reported it as elder neglect or abuse? Too much time has gone by I think to do anything about it now, but I am so paranoid that it may happen again.

By lurkingforacure On 2012.03.06 16:25
Sorry, I would report it to the authorities. First, you may be blamed for something that happened on someone else's watch. Second, the daughters need to be taken to task for allowing this to happen to their mother. Perhaps if an authority figure spoke with them they would realize that they, too, could be charged with neglect if they continued to keep someone on that they knew or had substantial reason to suspect was not diligent in care of their mother. What if one of those cracked ribs had punctured a lung?

You may risk retaliation but perhaps you can make an anonymous complaint, or call the ER and ask if those types of incidences get reported to the state or county's elder law department, kind of like when a child is molested, the doctor by law has to contact law enforement.

By seawench On 2012.03.06 21:11
This absolutely needs to be reported. If I came upon someone that treated my PWP this way they would have been fired on the spot regardless of the inconvienence it might make for me. My PWP fell in the middle of the night and banged his head on the tub, the first thing I did was dial 911. We are fortunate that the firestation is just across the street.
As always we can get to secound geussing ourselves and not make the best decisons - so we as caretakers just need to decide to take action. It's better to err on the side of calling for help (or reporting negligence) than take a wait and see stance, I've regreted many a thing I put off.

By susger8 On 2012.03.07 07:58
Something like this happened when my father broke his hip. Dad told the caregiver not to call me. So I didn't find out until hours later when I made my usual daily call to check on him. At that point I dashed over, called 911 and took a trip to the ER. I asked the agency not to send that caregiver again -- he should have had the sense to call me, if he didn't feel comfortable calling 911 on his own.

I am surprised that the daughters were willing to continue using that caregiver, unless maybe they gave the person a stern talking-to and explained that either 911 or the daughters must be called if there is a signficant fall or injury.


By megnut On 2012.03.07 08:55
thank you so much, everyone for your input. I am going to report this today.

By parkinit On 2012.03.07 22:21
And megnut -
We would all hope to have a caring caregiver as yourself in our homes. Hang in there. Keep us posted.

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