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By barb On 2012.03.13 08:10
We have a queen size bed and it is very difficult for my husband to move in bed. We've been talking about getting bed rails that he could grab and use to pull himself towards the center of the bed. Does anyone have any experience with them and what would you recommend?

At some point we will probably buy a king size adjustable bed(split with two mattresses). Any opinions on that idea would be appreciated as well.

By chroop67 On 2012.03.13 10:57
When my mom was still in her own home she had a bed-rail or a bed-assist rail. They are specially designed so that a person can use them to pull themselves up or even just to move in bed. It helped a lot. My mom was assessed by home healthcare and it was provided to her free of cost. You can also purchase them at medical stores that sell assistive devices.

By Marie On 2012.03.13 12:15
barb, we bought a split king adjustable bed a year age and its wonderful for both of us, a little pricy but well worth it. he is in between stage 4 and 5 so he really needs it

By barb On 2012.03.13 15:15
What brand adjustable bed did you buy? I know they are pricey and I've read some very mediocre reviews

By Marie On 2012.03.14 09:47
Barb, we bought ours at an independant store in West Dundee Illinois called Verlo, and its wonderful, no problems and we have had it for a year

By barb On 2012.03.14 10:37
Is the brand Verlo

By Marie On 2012.03.14 18:48
Barb, the brand is Leggett & Platt you can probably see it on there web site

By Michele On 2012.03.14 19:05
Hi, we got a Sleep Comfort split king adjustable bed about ten years ago before my husband was disabled with PD and he was able to use it until he went into end stage Parkinson's recently. We are happy with the quality of the bed. It made it much easier for him to get out of bed and to be more comfortable in bed. However, towards the end of stage 4, it was a little difficult for him to get up and it was a struggle for me to help him. Now that he is in Hospice here at home and is in a hospital bed, I am able to sleep next to him in my half of the split bed. (I gave his half to my sister) I agree that it is pricey but definitely worth it.
If you would like more info, go to their website:
We ordered it by phone and have been pleased with it. They delivered and set it up for us. Good luck to you.

By parkinit On 2012.03.19 00:10
We have a pole with handles that is adjustable and it can be moved to the best position for the person as it is secured via pressure to the ceiling and the floor. This has been very helpful to my spouse as well as the Sleep Comfort bed. If it wasn't for this, I don't think I could get my spouse out of bed in the morning. The lift is wonderful and he is dead weight each morning.

By barb On 2012.03.19 11:24
It sounds like it is easier to get into an adjustable bed. Is it any easier to turn over? How did you select a mattress if you ordered online? Thanks for your help.

By Michele On 2012.03.19 13:04
Hi Barb I don't know if they have changed since we got our ten years ago. We were able to choose the firmness we wanted and the interesting thing is that you can get two firmness on one mattress - medium on one side and flip over and its firm on the other (or soft/medium). The customer service reps were very helpful and answered all my questions. you can also check the video on the website or order the CD/video.

My husband was still not able to turn in bed by himself but since it is a single bed essentially it was really not necessary. he would sit on the edge of the bed when flat, then lay on his side and I would help lift his legs up and he would roll on his back. then he would raise the bed with the remote. the remotes (one for each side) are wireless. Getting up was the reverse. He would use the remoted to lower his legs and raise his upper body. Then I would help him move his legs over the edge of the bed and give him a little assist to turn/move his upper body to the edge of the bed. He had a heavy power chair that he could grab onto and stand up and get into the chair. You may need to get a pole or a lift at some point depending on how this works for you. I was so happy that that adjustable bed worked for us so we could sleep together for as long as we did.
I understand your hesitation. Making an expensive purchase like this without actually trying it is a little scary.

By jaxrock On 2012.03.21 08:53
A few years ago, we purchased a bed rail from Lamberts Medical Supply in Knoxville TN. It really has been a help for my husband. It's placed about a foot from the headboard, rails fit under the mattress, above the box spring. He can grab the bar rail with one hand, and swing himself up. Occasionally, I have to help by pushing him toward the bar......

For him the mattress wasn't the issue........we have a California King bed, and it's a bit high...........but, his inability to move after he got into bed was the problem..

If you have access to a physical therapist or occupational therapist, they can also point you in the right direction....

Best of Luck............

By sunshine On 2012.03.24 21:42
We are struggling with some of the same issues with my husband in bed and an occupational therapist suggested that we try some satin sheets on his bed as they are slippery and make it easier for hubby to turn in bed. Hope this helps. We are also looking to purchasing a pole and didn't realize that we could purchase one with a swing arm. That was very helpful to hear. Thank you. :)

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