For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By k010854 On 2012.03.14 23:39
My husband age 60 just diagnosed although now suspicious this has been progressing for the past 4 years. Susan Hamberger stated her husband had back surgery to relieve the pain. My husband has had 4 back surgeries in the past 5 years. I wonder if her husbands back pain was from the PD and if that was also my husbands real problem. At the moment his left lower back and upper leg are so painful he only has relief laying down. His tremors are significant on left side. He has blood clots in left leg and just recovering for pulmonary embolism. We thought we were dealing with 3 unrelated health issues now i am wondering if the PD tremors/weakness has caused the back pain and blood clots. Neurosurgeon cant get to the bottom of cause of back pain without mylogram but cant do it due to being on coumadin. Local neurologist is treating PD with requip only and cant get into PD clinic until end of May. I dont know where to turn. He is still trying coach at the university and struggles daily. Any suggestions. May i say it has been the month from ]%{#!

By LOHENGR1N On 2012.03.15 16:32
k010854, Hi and welcome to the forum! What you ask are hard questions and not really easy to answer. When diagnosis is made generally 60% to 80% of the dopamine making cells in our brain have already died off. So the disease has been present for awhile and the visible signs are starting to manifest. But the disease has been at work killing off those cells and disrupting our functioning unnoticed. There is pain with Parkinson's Disease, many Doctors still don't know that but thankfully many are coming to realize this. With Parkinson's comes dystonia defined as a slow contracting of muscles say like a cramp however dystonia can also cause postural changes like rounded shoulders, forward bending of the torso, drawing up of arms etc, etc. So while being like a cramp it isn't like one would describe a cramp either, it can be a sustained position. This can twist our body causing back and leg pains also. So can it cause or contribute to back problems that might be over looked by someone unfamiliar with the effects of Parkinson's Disease? It probably could but it's hard to say. Tremors probably wouldn't contribute to the back pain but you never know and I'm a Patient not a Doctor and these are best brought up to discuss with your doctor to be sure. However they are good questions to ask on a forum like this because there are so many things that this disease can cause and many people here are going through them or have gone through them you can get information and subjects to ask your doctor about that you might not discover for years. I hope this helps some and again welcome to the forum. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By k010854 On 2012.03.18 16:56
Thank you. We finally have an appt with a movement specific neurologist next week. Hope we can at least have a intelligent conversation about the possibility.

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