For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By lurkingforacure On 2012.03.15 08:41
For those that don't know, mucuna pruriens has been used in aryuvedic medicine for PD for yeeeeaaaars. You can buy the raw powder online, mix it in a smoothie, water, whatever, and take it that way. I dont' think you can cook with it, though, heat destroys it. I think there are even pills now for it, but we prefer the natural raw powder. It DOES contain ldopa, in a natural form, so it WILL add more dopamine into the system...meaning, dyskinesias if you take too much. You need to do the research if you are thinking about trying this. And you will have to keep track of how much total levodopa you are putting in the much from sinemet, so much from mucuna.

I just read this newer research paper on mucuna and want to share in the hopes it may help others. We personally have tried mucuna before and gave up...messy, drops you too fast, unpredictable, because we took the powder, it is hard to know exactly how much you are getting: one tsp. might contain 7.5mg levodopa, another batch might only contain 5mg.

But recently we are giving it another try, mainly because the sinemet takes over an hour to kick in, and when it does, does not really work that well anyway. Plus, we can't eat a darn thing all day or it really messes with the meds. My husband is so tired of feeling like he does. So two days ago we took 2 tsp. mixed in half a glass of water (beware, the stuff stains a righteous black!)...felt good.

We took some again yesterday morning with the morning meds....came on in less than ten minutes, and made the day so much smoother. This morning I woke up to hear my husband walking, not shuffling, across the floor! He had already gotten up and taken his mucuna with his morning sinemet, wow. And yesterday he was able to cut back on his sinemet in the afternoon, by a full pill, and felt way better than usual at the end of the day.

Everyone is different, and I have no idea how mucuna might work for someone with advanced PD. But I am going to post this for those that are interested, and add this: Dr. Warran Olanow (google him for more) is a neurologist in the US, quite famous. He with others has patented several formulations of mucuna. Why would he do this if he didnt' think it had huge potential? You can buy this stuff OTC and it's cheap (I think we paid twenty bucks for a POUND of the organic mucuna powder, think how long that will last when you are taking it by the teaspoon!). Actual research on mucuna proves that it does cross the BBB (and I can verify that yes, it absolutely does!) even when no "escort" like carbidopa is present, and I am believing that not only does it affect the dopamine neurons, but other neurotransmitters as well, because the smoothness and way my husband describes how he feels indicates that it may also be working on serotonin and some others. These transmitters all work in an intricate ratio to one another and one of the main problems I think in PD meds is that you get one huge dump of levodopa several times a day and the body goes nuts trying to get things back in balance. No brain ever makes dopamine 100mg at a time! So no wonder there are such huge side effects.

If you google this, you'll see many people use it as their only drug for PD, particularly in India. We originally thought pills were better, because they are "known" quantity, quality (recently we've changed on mind on that one!), and predictable, but not any more. I read of one lady who just mixes some mucuna powder into a bottle of water that she sips throughout the day at work, whenever she feels her symptoms creeping back in, she has some and so far, so good. Who would ever have thought?

But back to mucuna, sorry for the long post (mylove, you are going through such a stressful time, if you try this, I really hope it helps your family), here is the text and cite: oops, won't let me, see next post!

By jsmitch On 2012.03.15 13:22
Sorry, but I had to remove the article text that once appeared here.

A reminder: Articles like this are copyright protected and can not be reprinted or republished without the express written consent of the author.


By LOHENGR1N On 2012.03.15 18:54
lurking, I hope you're working in conjunction with your Neurologist in adjusting the levadopa? I worry when these things are tried without medical supervision. Another post here just spoke about too much levadopa causing manic behavior. Please be on guard for this I'd hate to see both of you my friends scratching your heads wondering what brought about any adverse effects! One of the problems in treating bi-polar disease is when in the up swing (manic) patients stop taking their medication believing they don't need it as much or even anymore because they feel so good (manic). Mentioning the quick surge in the "kicking in" of the natural levadopa and the "feeling so good" that already cut back in dosage one whole pill? Please be on guard and keep your Neurologist updated on everything happening. I wish you good luck in your venture but and I can't stress this enough keep the doctors in the loop! Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By mylove On 2012.03.15 21:56
Keep us posted on how that works for you. I'm interested after reading the article.

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