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By mytngenes On 2012.03.21 10:48
Has anyone here ever heard of or know anyone who has a diagnosis of Frontal Lobe Atrophy/Dementia? I'm in the process of gathering information about this condition and researching its possible connection with Parkinson's Disease.

My husband (dx'd with PD in 1998 at the age of 46), is currently seeing a team of psychiatrists to treat his symptoms of dementia and panic. At his latest appointment, the dr mentioned this "syndrome" to me. The more I read about it the more likely it seems that he could possibly have this type of dementia. I did read in his medical notes where mild frontal lobe atrophy was noted following a brain scan in October 2006.

Just curious to see if any of you have heard of this. Thanks!

By karolinakitty On 2012.03.21 10:57
I have looked into this also....mostly because part of my guys TBI was frontal is a forum I check out... I don't post but read:

I've found some good info as FTD and LBD are very similar in some aspects and very different in others!!!!!

good luck!

By mytngenes On 2012.03.21 12:37
Karolinakitty, thanks for the link. I will check it out.

By Reflection On 2012.03.21 14:43
You might check out
postings & links given by Miranda Loop.
My husband has been diagnosed with Parkinson's, but shows a lot of frontal lobe issues. Unfortunately, he's never been diagnosed with anything but Parkinson's - he thinks he's cognitively just fine.
So he hasn't had any brain scans, neuropsych tests, etc.

By mytngenes On 2012.03.21 16:52
Reflection, thank you for the link. I will definitely check this info. It's a lot to digest and become familiar with.

At this time, my husband has not been dx'd with FTD, the psychiatrist merely mentioned it as a possibility as he seems to be exhibiting many of the classic symptoms. At the time the dr mentioned it, I had not seen the medical notes from October 2006 that mentioned the atrophy. I did read some clinical information on FTD that stated Parkinson's could be one cause for the brain atrophy.

Thanks so much for your reply.

By May1280 On 2012.03.28 16:19
You've been given some good links - I'd like to add which has an excellent, user-friendly summary of the latest research on FTD.

My mother developed FTD in her early-to-mid 60's, a few weeks' shy of her 70th birthday. There is a variant of FTD that includes 'Parkinsonian' symptoms - which my mother exhibited in the last two years of her life, but is not considered a diagnosis of Parkinson's.

(I've joined this forum because my mother-in-law has Parkinson's).

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