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By drshepard On 2012.03.27 13:47
Recently, an occupational therapist who came to the house recommended a U Step walker with a laser beam. My husband is now in a rehabilitation center and they are ordering one for him. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this walker?

By LOHENGR1N On 2012.03.27 15:10
Personally I don't have any experience with them but there are many and have been many on the forum that swear by them! They are supposed to be very good.

By susger8 On 2012.03.28 12:25
It is an excellent walker, far better than the ordinary kind. It is very stable and it turns in a small circle. I also like that if the walker starts to get too far ahead, the person just lets go of the handle and the brakes apply themselves. Drawbacks are that it is heavy and it's not terribly easy to fold up and get into a car trunk.

I wish I had gotten one for my father long before I did.


By parkinit On 2012.03.30 11:11
My husband has one. It is great on smooth surfaces, but a bit more difficult on non-looped carpeted surfaces and going over a lawn would be impossible.

It is designed in a semi-circular form to wrap around the person as they walk, however, because my PWP tends to lean forward, he doesn't utilize this feature as he stands behind the walker and leans over it.

This walker also has a laser-light feature that shoots a red line across the ground to help prompt motion when there are freezing issues.

By mpstrobin On 2012.04.03 23:36
To be very transparent, I am a representative of In-Step Mobility. Your feedback is very much appreciated as this helps the company improve its U-Step walker.

I am pleased to inform this discussion group that the two concerns communicated: 1) U-Step walker being too heavy and difficult to transport, and 2) U-Step being difficult to push on high pile carpet, have been addressed in the new U-Step 2 walker, recently introduced in February 2012.

- The U-Step 2, as compared to the original U-Step, is 4 pounds lighter than the original U-Step and folds very easily for transport.

- The U-Step 2 has larger casters (4 inch non-marking) that roll well on high carpet and rough/uneven surfaces.

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