For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By chroop67 On 2012.04.02 23:32
My mom, PD for 15 plus years, has unfortunately begun to rapidly decline. Her dementia is less paranoid now and more 'alzheimer-ish'. She has also begun to spend a lot of her days sleeping and has longer periods of immobility. I know what's coming and I just hope for her sake that this part of the journey is short. Coincidentally the private room she just moved into was previously occupied by a PD lady who passed away. Her last few years were a combination of nonstop crying and then progressed to an inability to close her mouth and complete immobility.
I hate this disease and what it has stolen from my mom and those who love her. Every time I leave her I say good bye cause I just don't know when it will be for good.

By plcpainter On 2012.04.03 02:09
I was telling a dear friend that my husband with PD is also going downhill. She wrote me back a lovely, thoughtful email and encouraged me to think of his situation differently: Instead of "going downhill" he is really being LIFTED closer and closer to God. That has brought me a great deal of comfort. I hope that perhaps it helps you too. Sometimes I don't even know what to pray for anymore so I just ask that he doesn't ever suffer. Amen.

By susger8 On 2012.04.04 08:22
My dad seems to be going downhill too. He can't feed himself any more and he has pretty much stopped talking. He mostly sleeps. He still enjoys his food, though, so I think he'll still be around for a while. No way to tell for sure, of course.


By Michele On 2012.04.04 13:42
My sweet husband is there too. He is getting hospice here at home and sleeps a lot because everything makes him very, very tired. He is losing a lot of weight and muscle mass. He's getting panic attacks regularly and can't tolerate anyone being here in our home except his aide and the nurse who comes in once a week. His vitals are strong and it looks like this will be a long journey. I'm relieved that he doesn't appear to be depressed but his anxiety is high. It's getting harder and harder to connect with him. It's so hard to let go

By chroop67 On 2012.04.04 14:29
And this is why I love this forum. So many of us in the same boat. I went and saw mom this morning, not so good. Very confused and her conversation was all over the place. It used to be that this was how she got after having been given an adavin for anxiety but she has not had any in the last couple of days. Her vitals are all good too and she never gets sick so I too think this could be a long and difficult.

By lurkingforacure On 2012.04.04 18:55
You never know. I lost my mom and still have a hard time believing how fast it happened. Granted, it wasn't PD, but I think when you get to the point that someone is losing weight, and having anxiety attacks, crying, sometimes in the present, sometimes in some other dimension, things happen faster than expected. Look up "terminal decline" and see if you recognize any of the symptoms.

Take each day for the gift it is, because it may be the last one you have with your loved one. I am so glad I went and saw my mom every day and did the things I did before she passed.

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