For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jaxrock On 2012.04.03 09:08
My husband has developed severe knee pain................makes it difficult to walk without pain.....
No torn cartilage, muscles, etc..............according to doctor.

Getting up from a chair - or going to bed - is excrutiating..

Has anyone else with Parkinsons experienced this?

By seawench On 2012.04.03 12:07
Has he had an MRI? I recently had the same problem (I'm the caregiver) and it turned out to be "Mild" arthritis. I'm amazed at how painful "Mild" can be. Lots of Ibuprofen and a special splint I devised helped, and spring too as I live in snow country.

It could be age related rather than PD (or both) just sharing what I found and what worked. I made the splint based on one my mom had in the 60's. I cut up two neck braces to form the pads of the splint (one for each side) and stuffed them into a knee support bandage (one piece).

I wore it at night since laying down and moving around in bed was more painful and not always beneficial as one would think rest would be.

After about a week of the splint , Ibuprofen and warmer weather I can now walk again.

Hope that's all that's going on with your hubby. There are also shots that can be given to help but I needed to resort to a low budget solution for now.


By lurkingforacure On 2012.04.03 16:31
Fats are very good for joints, obviously the good fats like olive oil, fish oil, even coconut oil and those found in nuts (mostly walnuts, almonds, brazil nuts, hazelnuts...). My dad eats a variety of nuts every morning and at 80 has not one joint ache. You could say it's genetic, but his significant other is also on the nut regime and also is pain-free.

And try curcumin for reducing inflammation-several companies make a formulation that mixes bioperine in with the curcumin (bioperine is in black pepper), which makes it more bioavailable.

You can google curcumin-they are finding it is an amazing little spice, and there are a LOT of studies on it, especially recently. Cancers, RA, any inflammation, etc. I know a lot of PWP who have been taking curcumin daily for years and are doing surprisingly well...but they take anywhere from 500mg-1500mg a day (one guy was taking 3000mg/day and is now down to 1000mg/day, I think it is). I just remembered reading that many families with a down syndrome child have blogged and posted online about the remarkable improvements their down child has when they give him or her curcumin, even as toddlers. I don't understand it, but there are a lot of parents who give this to their down kids and swear by it.

By parkinit On 2012.04.05 19:56
and drink more water for joints!

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