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By dear2 On 2012.04.08 03:13
This is a new complaint following the replacement of the battery pack in the wall of the chest. My husband says when he presses the unit through his skin, he feels an electrical impulse run from his head through his arm. He spoke to the nurse under the sugeon that performed the operation and told her he would just wait and see what happens.

It sounds bizare, and I wonder if anyone else experiences this or has heard of this happening. Is this a malfunction, a halucination, or does it require an intervention because it is dangerous?

By LOHENGR1N On 2012.04.08 08:30
dear2, I would strongly suggest that you call the doctor in charge and have it checked out. It doesn't sound "normal" to me but I have very limited experience with BDS. It is always best to check out anything "odd". As the saying goes better to be safe than sorry.

By parkinit On 2012.04.13 11:12
My husband with DBS, has never had this problem - only when turning on a box after it may have been turned off (which happens when we got through automatic sliding doors) or changing settings, do they normally feel the "electricity" flow.

He needs to have it checked out. Sounds like a problem to me!

By dear2 On 2012.05.08 01:03
Conclusion reached by the neurologist:

The neurologist who performed the DBS surgery found a build-up of scar tissue around one of the levels of the leads into the brain. He altered the location along the lead where the pulse of electrical current is transmitted into the tissue of the brain, and lowered the amount. No more electrical shock. Problem solved without surgery.

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