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By sunshine On 2012.04.10 19:12
My hubby has no sense of pain. If and when he does he is usually in very bad shape. When he complains I know that I need to get attention to him asap.
The reason this is pertinent now is because he has a really angry rash that has nearly broken the skin and it looks like it would be burning. He says that he has felt absolutely nothing.
I've treated the rash now and it is clearing somewhat but I just wonder if this is part of the parkinsons or could it be a symptom of dimentia, although I don't believe so, as he has always felt very little pain. This rash has sounded alarm bells for me this time though, as it is very bad to the point of nearly breaking through the skin. If it were on me I would, I think be in a lot pain.
Unfortunately it is in an area that isn't usually exposed so I didn't see it readily.

By LOHENGR1N On 2012.04.12 18:54
sunshine, I can't tell you wether this non-feeling of pain is Parkinson's Disease related or not for certain. One thing I have found out along the way in my long journey with Parkinson's is, this is a strange disease and what one might not think is related to it sometimes is or could be. What we know is P.D. symptoms become apparent and diagnosable after 80% of the dopamine producing cells in the substantia nigra are dead. This process has been ongoing for years to reach this point, which could be the reason for his high level of tolerance of pain for as you say he has seemingly always felt little pain. If it is related to loss of signals to pain receptors in the brain the decrease of dopamine may be the culprit. We all know that P.D. presents different symptoms and rates of progression so I could see a loss of feeling in some and not in others. It's something to discuss with His Doctor to be sure (preferably a neurologist with sound knowledge of P.D. and it's effects on the whole body). Hope this has been of some help. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By parkinit On 2012.04.13 11:16
Sunshine -

Has he seen a doctor? I would have a doctor check out the rash if it is almost breaking through the skin. Catch it before it becomes worse.

Hugs to you,

By sunshine On 2012.04.13 21:28
I will have my hubby checked by his neurologist for sure. He is due for an appointment very soon now. Thankyou very much for your insights.
Thankfully Sue, his rash is nearly completely gone. Thank goodness. I washed it and applied Polysporin frequently. We were lucky this time I would say.
I will keep you posted as to the neurologists input and will share.
Thanks so much for your caring support and information. :)

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