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By Marie On 2012.04.25 10:48
My Hubby is well into the stages of Parkinson's, He is having some trouble eating foods. I cut everything small. He doesn't need just soft or liquid food, but he does need easy to eat foods. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks

By parkinit On 2012.04.25 22:38
We are on the brink of this and we already eat lots of noodles with sauces, cooked, soft vegetables, including baked potatoes (or mashed potatoes are even better).

By susger8 On 2012.04.26 07:57
Lots of soups with everything cooked soft and cut up small.

Dad is also getting smoothies because although he loves fruit, he has trouble eating it. So we blend fruit with milk (he doesn't care for yogurt) and a little ice cream for sweetness.


By Marie On 2012.04.26 09:50
Thanks so much for your replys. He has a problem controling noodles he can't seem to chew them, but luckily he loves mashed potatoes.

By askapril On 2012.05.29 03:44
As a clinical dietitian working at skilled nursing facilities for over a decade, I'm faced with "eating" issues quite a bit. You're looking for foods that will give more bang for the buck. For example, adding non-fat skim milk powder will add calories and protein to those mashed potatoes. Try yogurt, cottage cheese, hearty soups, and milkshakes. Some people get really overwhelmed with the portions, so try small frequent meals.

By moonswife On 2012.05.29 22:46
Thanks for your advice askapril, and to Marie, I solved the noodle problem with small shells and a spoon or spork.

We have fun with cut up fruit "canapes" on fancy toothpicks. Cut up string cheese and goldfish crackers are the new cocktail or "mocktail" hour before dinne.

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