For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By califguy On 2012.04.26 22:54
Hi my name is Al and I have not been told I have PD but I do alot of reading and my body seems to be telling me maybe I do have this desease starting in my body. I have this deasese calles Ankylosing Spondylitis and it's messed up my body pretty bad. I used to be over six feet tall but now I'm about 5 feet 7 inches because I bend forward, But these pass few months I have had problems with balance and my left hand seems to fill like it has loss it's grip,and I have major problems sleeping and using the toilet. My Dr took a chect x-ray and tomorrow I'm having a bone scan because he didn't like something he saw. I'm just wondering how you knew you had PD, what was the first systoms and how fast did it gain in your body? Sorry about ll the questions but that's the only way I knnow how to get answers. Thanks in advance. AL

By susger8 On 2012.04.27 08:23
Probably the symptom that leads most people to a diagnosis is a hand tremor -- this is a tremor when the hands are at rest, as opposed to when using the hands. Bending forward and changes in walking gait are also seen with PD, but can be related to other conditions. A very early sign, long before diagnosis, is loss of the sense of smell. Progression varies a lot from person to person.

It's really something to be diagnosed by a neurologist. You may not have PD at all - I hope not.

Good luck,


By califguy On 2012.04.27 09:22
Sue thanks for your reply, I hope your right and there's no problem. Take care Al

By karolinakitty On 2012.04.27 13:14
calif guy...Not all folks with PD have tremors as a first Jim did fact he had no tremors until 2 years after diagnosis....Stiffness..rigidity...balance issues...sometimes mild cognitive my Jim he was 6'1" and is now about 5'7"...also stooped forward...
If you would like more information on can email me @

If you have facebook, you can friend me there...Penny Adams ....I can give you a list of foundations and some grass roots folks who can send even more info off to you.

I also participate in a PD chatroom where you can go almost anytime of the day, there is usually some one there. These folks can answer questions as most have had it 10 years or more.

When you email me put caregiver site in the email so I know who you are!!!!!

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