For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By gap2010 On 2012.04.28 07:13
I have a question. My husband who has PD has been falling asleep during the day and what concerns me the most is that it is extremely difficult to wake him up. For instance, yesterday, he slept all morning and when I tried to wake him up it took several times of calling out his name, quite loudly, before he would even seem to acknowledge that he heard me but then went right back to sleep. I am afraid one of these times he's not going to wake up. The only change in his medication has been an increase in his Zoloft. 1/2 more times of the dosage than he has been taking. Is this possibly from the medicaton change or is this another increase in the progression of the disease? Thanks for your advice.

By jaxrock On 2012.04.28 08:08
I would contact the dr. who prescribed the change...........and the pharmacist as well...right away.

I've always received wonderful, sometime life saving info from our pharmacist!

They have a complete record of my husband's medications....and seem to know the ins and outs of all of them...

Good Luck

By karolinakitty On 2012.04.28 09:48
I run into this allllll the time....for a looonnngg is just my experience but it seems with the daytime somnolence that he seems to go into a much much deeper sleep, if only for a short time.... I have had to almost scare him out of sleep, shaking him, talking REAL LOUD....and then sometimes i just make a slight noise and he jumps out of his skin.....i don't know how "normal" it is...but even without changes in our meds it seems to happen......
I'll see what happens after we get done with this requip... I believe I will have a better PWP once he gets off that crap....

By packerman On 2012.05.01 10:06
my doc told me to take my zoloft at night just for that reason...daytime sleepiness.

By cmonge On 2012.05.13 12:16
This is the hardest part of PD-they are just tired. I just let mine sleep. He doesn't have anything to do so why not?

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