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By Justme On 2012.05.01 20:05
I'm new here but not new to PD. my husband was diagnosed 12 years ago at age 46. His meds are no longer effective. Something new has occurred in the last few days. non stop tremor. It's sudden and severe. any ideas how to handle this?

By LOHENGR1N On 2012.05.02 00:10
Justme, Welcome to the forum. Sorry You've had such an abrupt change! I'm not quite sure about what you're saying, did the tremors start or intensify a few days ago and been continuing non-stop since? Has He always had the tremor? I mean from diagnosis and been able to control it mostly until now? I don't know what med's he is on but have you contacted his neurologist? Maybe some adjustments can be made or another medicine added to gain some control?

On another note is He still working? What is his profession? These might have some bearing if he is being exposed to some environmental toxin. I know that these are personal questions and if you don't feel comfortable answering them in an open forum here but might feel more comfortable you can email me at I will keep anything you say confidential. I know I've asked more questions and haven't given answers but to try to figure out what's going on I'd need to pin it down a little more. I know tremors non=stop can be maddening as when I first exhibited symptoms it was in the form of tremors in both arms, non-stop, you can't even go to sleep you just have to lay awake tremoring till you eventually pass out! You can't place your arms under you they bounce your body, stick the arms under your pillow and you bounce your head up and down! There's just no place to put the arms and no way to calm the tremor. Hopefully you'll find out something either here on the forum or from the neurologist to get some relief. Please keep me posted! I know where you're coming from. Again welcome to the forum. Take care, best of luck and hang in there!

By Justme On 2012.05.10 23:49
I just got back to this forum. sorry. we went to the neurologist on Monday. The tremors are better. We're trying to adjust his meds. The violent tremors came after 5 good days because of self reduced medications. We were told he crashed after a withdrawal. It's frustrating because he feels so good and agile in the morning before he takes his first sinemet.

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