For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By seawench On 2012.05.25 16:12
As I have gone through this journey I have often asked why there isn't a training course for caregivers? Especially along the lines of a class that goes beyond the first aid classes.

You all know - something happens at 3 am and we are trying to cope with an unknown. We feel if we just knew a little more we would know if we could deal with it or call the ambulance. The ability to asses - treatable at home or ER?

I agree that when in doubt call the professionals. But how many times have I called because he lost blood pressure and by the time the professionals arrive or he got to the ER he was fine? Eventually I learned how to asses and treat this lovely scenario, but there is always other things that come up. By the way when he looses his Blood pressure I take the measurement Lay him down flat and give him gatorade, then check him every 10 - 15 mins. If it starts to climb back up and is not in the danger zone after an hour - we are good. Idf it isn't budging even at the fist re check then off we go. This was my solution to the ER's advice to bring him in anytime it went south. that was unrealistic as because of selegeline(?) he was tanking 2-5 times a day - we would have been living there ( and ultimately they don't really do anything for him)

So- I'm getting my wish our local Parkinson's Group is putting together a class simular to what CNA's get. YAY!!!!!

How many of you would like something like that in your local area? How many of you do?

I can't wait!

By parkinit On 2012.05.25 23:29
Seawench -

I took a CNA course for that very reason. Anything you can do to learn more is beneficial.

By moonswife On 2012.05.26 12:38
I did the same as parkinit but took the CNA course back in 1992 so that I could take care of my Mother after her stroke. I was afraid I would hurt myself lifting her.

Turns out it was not a wasted effort. All the sanitation issues apply, as do the lifting, comfort care, etc. Wish some Adult School would offer an abbreviated version for someone not needing to take State Boards.

By askapril On 2012.05.29 03:51
I'm not a CNA, however, I'm a dietitian who works at a skilled nursing facility and my Mom has Parkinson's...and I, too think it would be a fantastic idea to have some type of caregiving class in the community. So, I'm thinking about offering caregiving classes at my local community college, what would be your number one struggle?

By moonswife On 2012.05.29 22:49
askapril, timing the class is the most important. Most caregivers could find a substitute (friend, neighbor, family member) on a Saturday morning, I imagine.

Some community colleges require a single subject teaching credential. Usually easy to obtain.

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