For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Reflection On 2012.05.27 17:07
Beautiful article.

A Life Worth Ending
The era of medical miracles has created a new phase of aging, as far from living as it is from dying. A son’s plea to let his mother go.
New York Magazine
By Michael Wolff Published May 20, 2012


Letting Go of My Father


His elderly father insisted that he could manage by himself. But he couldn’t. The author found himself utterly unprepared for one of life’s near certainties—the decline of a parent. Millions of middle-aged Americans, he discovered, are silently struggling to cope with a crisis that needs to be plucked from the realm of the personal and brought into full public view.

By parkinit On 2012.05.27 20:33
These links are not complete. Can you try again and ensure you have all the link (i.e., no "..." in the link)? Thank you.

By Reflection On 2012.05.27 21:17
sorry -

the Michel Wolff story in New York Magazine - Mother with dementia

JONATHAN RAUCH in The Atlantic (father with Parkinson's)

Note - both of these stories are pretty intense, and show the hard realities of advanced disease. Do not read them if you would rather not be confronted with this.

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