For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By daughter On 2012.05.29 22:48
I am looking to purchase a scooter for my mother. We are at a bit of disagreement on what would be a logical purchase. She wants a Go Go with three wheels. I am concerned with the stability of the unit and also feel she should have a four wheeled scooter.

She does fairly well driving the scooters availabe at stores but when she is having periods of dyskensia I have to hold the front of the scooter to prevent her from taking everyone and everything out in her path, not that she would notice.

I'm concerned with:
travel distance, size (she's 5'10")
battery life
easy of use
abilty to load into a car versus needing a lift
ability to use indoors and outdoors
I would like her to have the freedom to attend art festivals again without fear of exhuastion

Recommendations of what works and guidance on what doesn't would be appreicated

By parkinit On 2012.05.29 23:22
If she has medicare, this should be something covered. Also, check with your local Elder Care or Geriatrics agency. Our local one "loans" out various equipment, including power chairs. You just return it when done (yes, it's free).

My spouse picked up several - one specifically for outdoors (four wheels and the "scooter" design) so it doesn't track indoors, one only for indoors (with a small turning radius for indoors), and one we keep in the truck (similar to indoor chair).

Two of the brands are Merits. The chairs should provide ample room and be adjustable for her height. Someone in a medical supply showroom should be able to show you how they adjust and should be willing to adjust the chair to see if it fits her needs. Various chairs also have weight limits, so be sure to check this as well.

We were able to purchase chairs for various uses by purchasing some used ones at a fraction of their cost. The scooters are quite comfortable for outdoor use and you should be able to ask the seller the make and model and look up the specifics online to see if the chair will fit her needs.

We have had our Merits for years and the battery is still going strong. You just need to remember to charge the one she uses indoors every night and there should be no issue with the chair having ample charge throughout the day. Many chairs say they will go 5-7 miles during a day, and this is some heavy usage!

Your mom is lucky to have a great daughter like you who is willing to help her out.

By seawench On 2012.05.30 08:30
My hubby's first scooter was donated to him by a customer of ours that had it out in a barn - it was about 20 yrs old - he tore it apart and rebuilt it. Then the VA gave him a new one.
The first was heavy and cumbersome, I could just barely get it into the trunk of my older model sedan. It had four wheels and was hard for him to turn tightly on carpet. It had a hand grip on the steering column that was like a circle. It was okay but when he got his dream scooter......

the new one is a three wheeler but it has stability wheels on either side up front. They engage only when the scooter tilts, the single front wheel makes it much easier for him to turn. Also this scooter comes apart in the middle so I can lift sections and store them more easily in the trunk. The handles on the steering column were very much like stubby handle bars on a mountian bike. He added some extensions that curve up, from REI (who installed them for him) and now he can grip one side with both hands and pull it really tight for sharp turns. This allows him great leverage and strenght that he wouldn't have otherwise.

He also loaded up the handle bars with a GPS, strobe light and an old fashioned bike bell. He uses the bell rather than the horn but he also uses it to applaud since he can't clap any more. He was a real hit with the Irish dancers we went to see in March.

I am sooooo grateful for this scooter. We flew to AZ in Oct and the airlines were terrific about the scooter, It was more fun than a chore to travel with him. We are going to "Bike" the Hiawatha trail come the fourth of July and We got a great price on our "seats" for our Neice's debut on the stage at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival's opening night For the Merry Wives in June (Had to get a plug in for Her!) It's an awsome opp and only possible because of the scooter.

They have them on Craig's List, Ebay, Medicare and VA. I got the first one because I just talked to everyone about it and asked if they would tell me if they knew of one (I'm sure ours was not the only one sitting unused in someone's home/barn)

Good luck!

By barb On 2012.12.10 16:04
What brand / model scooter did you buy the second time. I'm concerned about getting a three wheel scooter but yours sounds pretty stable.

By seawench On 2012.12.10 18:53
The second one came from the VA and it's a Rascal which is no longer made (but we can still get parts and local service) A three wheel is easier for him to turn and has a tight turning radius, just make sure it has little "training wheels" on the sides.

He now wants to add a back up camera as he inadvertently backed it off a curb and dumped it. He's fine but when he called me all he said was the scooter wouldn't go. One of the plugs has a tricky connection. So I drove over to the grocery store and un plugged and plugged it in, made sure it would go, reminded him of what we needed in the store, gave him a kiss and left. I did not know that he had dumped it, that the people standing next to the entrance were the wonderful people who had picked him up, righted the scooter, put him in it and had wanted to call an ambulance. Boy I must be a hard hearted hannah in their books LOL!


By barb On 2012.12.12 14:41
Thanks. We were thinking of buying one to take on cruises but I'm thinking we might be better off renting. My car is small and he bangs into everything with the hoveround. I have no desire to add more stress to my life

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