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By Elly On 2012.06.13 20:08
Lately my life has been a cascade of dr's appts and medical testing for my Parkinson's husband who is only 53. We just learned one of his vocal cords is paralyzed. I know this is part of advanced Parkinson's disease. We see the neuro Monday. Does anyone have experience making this better or is it a done deal? Does speech therapy help? I am so sad for my husband. It just doesn't stop.

By LOHENGR1N On 2012.06.14 00:33
Elly, It's hard to say, not much information to go on. Did he have DBS? (deep brain stimulation?) Sometimes this happens as a result and will correct sometimes, some times not. To the medical field paralyzed doesn't mean unmovable it can mean doesn't have control of it so therapy might help. Don't write it off or give up on it hopefully He'll regain control. Good luck at the Doc's. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By Elly On 2012.06.14 14:39
No, he hasn't had DBS but at the rate we're going he will probably some day because we'll be so desperate that we'll try anything. Then again, who knows if he is still a candidate. I am so scared now that this paralyzed vocal cord has effected his breathing. So very scared.

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