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By barb On 2012.06.15 19:52
My bedroom is beginning to smell like a locker room. I use pets and kids on the carpet but I'm sure the odor is in the cement. I shampoo the carpet but he tips the urinal over at night. I put a water proof pad on the carpet but he seems to spillover. Any suggestions as to how I can mask the odor? It doesn't make any sense to replace the carpet.

By karolinakitty On 2012.06.16 23:16
Have you tried vinegar solution?

That is the way to get rid of pet urine smells out of carpet...

Also instead of replacing the carpet with carpet what about a tile floor? DOn't know where you live but that would work here in SC...we already discussed that if we have to....we don't have carpet in the bathrooms and that is soooooo much easier!!!!

By parkinit On 2012.06.17 19:08
I have to agree. If you can have some type of flooring that is easier to clean, this may help. If you have carpet, the urine gets in the pad and you can't get that out.

We have laminate flooring and I use Febreeze scented cleaner to mask and clean!

By lurkingforacure On 2012.06.17 22:52
Completely agree-carpet is evil even if you don't have PD! We got rid of all carpet years ago, way before PD, and it is so much easier to clean. I also find that it is visually easier on the eyes, all that smooth surface. We just put down cheap laminate and no glue required, it just clicked together! I noticed that Costco has a sale of $16 off per box of laminate going on now, if you are close to a warehouse you might want to check that out-their quality is usually very good. You may even be able to order it online, I'd look into that too.

It is one of the cheapest changes and most bang-for-your-buck things to do, removing carpet and putting down laminate. Tile is more expensive, just because of the labor and materials (grout, tile, hardiback if it's around water or a second floor). If it were me and I couldn't afford the laminate, I honestly think I'd rip up the carpet and pad, clean the concrete, and live on that. It'd be better than walking on stained carpet which, let's face it, once it gets to a certain point, will never be clean. I was horrified when we ripped up the carpet that had come with our house, and vowed to never have carpet again. It's also much better for allergies, even if you have pets (no place for that dander to hide....).

By packerman On 2012.06.18 11:12
we had pet odor in the cement floor, and it hindered us in selling our previous home. the answer was a product called Kilz. you can get it in the paint department at Lowes or Home Depot. it is specially made to cover foul odors and or stains (i.e. on drywall). it worked when nothing else would.

By barb On 2012.06.18 15:52
Great ideas. Since we visible stains I'm going to steam it again and try lemon pine-sol (I've checked for color fastness). I think tile may be the way to go when we need to get rid of the carpet. We have a tile surround around our fireplace so I think it would look nice and it is easy to clean (hurts to fall on)
Gotta get that no slip stuff.

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