For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Jane On 2012.06.22 12:32
I am struggling with not knowing when to ask the doctor for a med change. For about four to five days a week my husband has been exhibiting the inability to complete his normal daily routine of washing the dishes and getting himself dressed. Within the last three weeks, five nights he wakes me in the middle of the night needing my help because he is frozen. By the third day of his waking me I decide I must call the doctor, that something different has to be done. Because I work full time his waking me puts me over the edge. The next day I come home from work and he had gotten himself dressed, completed washing the dishes, gone out to do some grocery shopping and does not have his middle of the night problems. He was able to do the shopping but had to leave the groceries in the car for me to unload. Yet with these up times I then think well we don't need to call the doctor. I go thorugh this same dilema when he hallucinates. Three days of hallucinations and dellusions then nothing for about four days. I am beginning to ask myself whether or not I am settling with behavior that can be improved with a med change or if this is the best his life can be. My husband uses the defense of blaming his low times on things other then Parkinson's. He may be right as I noticed his dementia was much worse when we were experiencing a heat wave. I just don't know!

By barb On 2012.06.22 14:34
His Parkinson's may be affected by heat/cold. Call the doctor. I email ours all the time.

By parkinit On 2012.06.24 08:48
I would like to add that having a home health nurse will also aid in you making these "tough decisions." We have one who comes by once a week, but I'm at liberty to contact her at ANY TIME. If you employ (Medicare will cover this cost if requested by your doctor) a home health nurse, I would suggest you ensure you are getting a nurse who will be available to you (and well-versed in PD).

I know it helps to have someone else weigh in on these decisions and the doctor is not always accessible when you need him.

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