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By MarthaJ On 2012.06.25 20:53
Have any of you applied for a disabled parking permit/license plate/placard for your PWP's car?

My husband asked his dr. several months ago and was told he "wasn't there yet." He has a new neuro and we're going to see her tomorrow, so I printed out the application to take with us. My husband is walking good, just a slight drag of his leg, but he is so exhausted all the time I think he needs to have the option to be able to park closer to the store. The state's requirements for the placard don't say exhaustion is a qualifier. I put "impaired mobility" as the reason on the form, as that is a qualifier.

Any of you have any experience with this?

By parkinit On 2012.06.25 22:47
Yes, we've had one for some time. The doctor, of course, has to be in agreement with your personal assessment.

By LOHENGR1N On 2012.06.25 23:17
I've had one for years, if the Neurologist doesn't think He needs one and you think He'll benefit from one try asking His primary care doctor to fill it out for him. Sometimes the primary care takes more into consideration than a Neurologist or sometimes it's the other way around. Exaustion is a big consideration, he might be able to get into the store but to continue shopping is another story which should be taken into account by the Doctors. Lot's of time they just don't think about the shopping and then having to get back to the cars. Hope this helps you is presenting the case. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By mylove On 2012.06.26 00:56
I will agree that we have a fantastic neuro, who is also a movement disorder specialist so she deals a lot with Parkinson's patients. But she grasped the concept right away when we presented it that way. That's exactly the reason we asked for the tag - because while he's good most of the time there are times when the exhaustion is an issue and we really needed that option to park closer when we needed it.

Another thing is that we asked just for the permit right now rather than the entire plate, etc. I think it made it an easier decision for the doc, because then she wasn't having to say that he was totally 'there' yet.

By Marie On 2012.06.26 10:45
I agree with LO, ask your primary Dr. thats how we got one

By MarthaJ On 2012.06.26 21:59
Thanks everyone~

The Dr. immediately said yes when I asked her!


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