For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Faith On 2012.07.15 09:01 [Edit]
My husband has Parkinson's with lewy bodies dementia. For the past few nights he has gotten up to urinate no less than 12 times. Some of those within 10 min intervals. You might think that he doesnt really have to go but surprisingly its no little trickle. Each time I must also get up to help him out of the bed and direct him to the bathroom and then back to bed and help him back into bed. He also wears depends at night. There is nothing new in his schedule and I have always followed all the (common sense) suggestions for a good night sleep routine. I hesitate to change meds because he is so sensitive and has many adverse reactions. Any experience with this would be most helpful.

By sunshine On 2012.07.15 15:22
My husband had this occur on two separate occasions, spaced awhile apart; the first time it was caused by a bladder infection and the other time his prostate was enlarged. Both situations were discovered by the doctor.
Hope this helps, so you can get your much needed rest.
Blessings to you both :)

By barb On 2012.07.15 15:47
My husband always gets up a minimum of 8 times. We have a no spill urinal by the bed. Sometimes he aims correctly and sometimes he forgets it is there
He wears depends but takes them off. Pine Sol lemon gets the odor out of the carpet. I put a pad on the carpet but he sometimes throws it aside. Nobody gets a good night's sleep.

By seawench On 2012.07.15 16:06
Recently we used a condom cathater (spelling?) I had to take him to urgent care and remembered that he usually has to go while there and everyone is scrambling to find a urinal ( funny it's not always handy in an ER) So we strapped it on and away we went. When we returned home he was still pretty weak and I was exhausted. So instead of having him wake me up all night to retrieve the urinal I left the contraption on and we both slept all night. Whiole I am not quite ready for this to be a nightly occurance It's good to have a tool handy for the times we need it.

We have a simular thing called a uro dry that has a small bladder that rests in the underwear that we use when we are out and about. This nifty gadget has allowed him to go to church and attend social and other fun occasions.


By parkinit On 2012.07.16 11:05
We use a condom catheter hooked to a bedside bag. Always at night. It allows the PWP to stay in bed and the caregiver to get some much needed rest until the PWP needs up 10-15 times for a drink of water or because they are stiff or because they want a snack. :)

It is amazing how much urine is output - sometimes as much as 1200 ml in one night! This is something my PWP has become OCD about - measuring his urine output, so I know these things... LOL

By karolinakitty On 2012.07.17 20:11
I would like to add one "off the wall" issue that we never thought of when my guy was having problems but now we realized what was up and dealt with it accordingly..

Of all things...check his sugar levels...sounds crazy right...wrong...

My guys sugar levels spike at the weirdest times and for NO apparent reason....

I've had him to the ER for high spikes and has been hospitalized for that and high BP readings.....he's been as high as 600... but then it drops to normal after maybe a week of meds....and stays normal with no meds for long periods....then a spike..meds...normal...vicious cycle

The doc just blames it on the misfires and we tend to go with it is not after he eats 10 scoops of ice cream...

As we got more educated and watched the signs of high blood sugar..we realized this constant urination at night was when his sugar levels were high....

We have a great PCP nurse that handles my guy...her philosophy is this...we treat it when it happens... if we notice the frequent urination I check his sugar... add the meds ...keep checking and voila .... it goes to normal...

just a thought... it happens with my guy and he has been diagnosed with LBD...

By parkinit On 2012.07.18 16:30
kk -

Thanks for the info. We've had blood sugar checked recently as he was having other symptoms that I thought may be diabetic-related, but not so.

He goes all night long, every night. The drinking, he says, is because he is a mouth breather and gets very dry at night.

By Faith On 2012.07.22 21:39
I am new to this forum and desperate for information. Thank you all for some insight. We are waiting for results of the urine test. The doctor gave me antibodies and he has been taking them this week, but nothing has improved. It has been a very difficult week with horrible nights.

By lilflower On 2012.08.01 08:16
I agree a condom cath with a leg bag or a bed bag has definetly improved both of our lives.

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