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By abp0822 On 2012.07.19 10:50
Dad's been having more "off" time and freezing so his neuro prescribed Azilect. He is also on Stalevo.

Anyone have any experience with Azilect? Anything we should be watchful for?


By lurkingforacure On 2012.07.21 08:18
We take it, it's horribly expensive, fyi, but if you have insurance they may (reluntanctly) cover it.

For us, Azilect is weird....we do not notice anything when taking it, but if we dont' take it for a few days (rx runs out) we notice a difference in a bad way. The effect for us, then, is very subtle, but one worth pursuing.

There are things you are not supposed to eat while taking azilect but like we've read, unless you eat an entire wheel of aged cheese, you will probably be OK.

We take our azilect at night, to help with sleep. Can't say it does much for sleep, though, but my hubby can only take so many pills during the day.

By parkinit On 2012.07.23 18:24
My spouse takes Azilect and it does seem to help.

By whyhim69 On 2012.07.24 20:59
My husband has been taking it since he was diagnosed in 2008, it does help. However you do need to stop this prior to surgery, etc. But it is nothing that you have to be weened off of. Also watch for dehydration and low BP. Sometimes this may happen. But it has helped him.

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