For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By phoenix On 2012.07.24 21:42
tonight my husband had a total freeze up on the way to bed because the light in the hallway burned out when he flicked the switch. I finally got him into bed, and he asked me who I was working for and if I get paid more for working at night. He has been confused before, but not like this. don't know what to do

By parkinit On 2012.07.24 23:06
Oh, my heart goes out to you. Dementia that goes with PD is awful. I think more have it than they say in the "statistics."

By phoenix On 2012.07.26 01:03
So for the entire day my husband didn't know who I am - it got worse and worse until he was convinced I was an old girlfriend of his (from 35 years ago) who was trying to steal his house from him. Eventually he wanted me to call the police, which I did, and several very nice understanding officers arrived with an ambulance. They talked him down, and took him to hospital where we spent 6 hours waiting to hear that there is nothing physically wrong, other than PD, and maybe he's dehydrated. I'm scared...

By jaxrock On 2012.07.26 08:41
This is scary.

The times similar things happened to my husband were related to medications...once was Ambien.............another was Xanax

Requip also caused him many problems like these

He no longer takes any of these meds...

Hopefully, they'll find a solution for your husband...

Yes, it's awful!!

By Pearly4 On 2012.07.26 09:04
I hope I'm not speaking out of turn here, because I'm not actively engaged in caregiving either for spouse or parent at this point. I do fear my husband is in the early stages of some dementia for other reasons though and try to look at the possibilities, having dealt with my mother's Parkinson's related dementias for more than 5 years.

I understand the fears and the panic - really I do. My mother woke every morning not knowing who I was. She woke in the middle of the night not knowing where she was, who I was or what was going on. She believed us to be her ememies, hding her pills, mismanaging them, withholding them etc and had reported us to authorities more than once for those "transgressions".

In the end, with help and coaching from Senior Day Care staff, I learned some kind of acceptance and how to help her with those situations. Calmness is essential. Unless your PWP is dangerous or threatening, no harm will come from even the reports to authoritis who will figure things out very quickly! Don't try to convince him his beliefs are incorrect - redirect them or him to something else.

Definitely you need to rule out med issues, physical issues and other possible problems first!

I could go on with little things, but the bigger point - have you investigated Day Care services available in your community? Financial aid and assistance is sometimes available or charges are reduced according to income, etc. Even a day or couple half days in another setting with skilled individuals who are working with you and for him can balance things out. A good skilled service can help you as much as they help him with learning how to cope with this disease.

By phoenix On 2012.08.01 21:44
So after 2 trips to emerg last week for a total of 19 hours, the hospital just called (5 days later) to say he has a bladder infection. The neurologist's office confirmed that this can cause major confusion/personality change. Has anyone heard of this??

By LOHENGR1N On 2012.08.01 23:40
phoenix, Yes there have been a few threads in the past about infection causing confusion and personality changes. I'm sure some with more experience first hand will be able to help you on this. Also it may help to search the forum for past threads and read what others have posted on it too. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By jaxrock On 2012.08.02 09:22
Yes, unfortunately, we've discovered that a bladder infection/UTI, can cause confusion and other symptoms, even hallucinations.

An antibiotic usually fixed the problem.

Good Luck.

By parkinit On 2012.08.03 21:30
Yes, UTIs cause confusion and because I read about them here, on this board, I was prepared when my PWP got one. He acted different, confused and had a low grade temp. I immediately took him to the dr and he was diagnosed with a UTI.

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