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By parkinit On 2012.08.03 21:55
We have had one bout after another of either jock itch or yeast infection. We just treated jock itch for 4 weeks and went to the doctor after it had not appeared to clear up. The doctor said it was now yeast infection and we treated that for another 10 days and still were having problems, so went back to the doctor and he said the jock itch was back. SIGH!

Does anyone have experience with this? He wears a catheter at night, which I'm sure exacerbates the problem. We are treating it per the doctor's orders, but will this ever go away or something we will have to contend with all the time because of the urine leaks?

By rmshea On 2012.08.04 12:29
I take a probiotic(acidophilus) daily as I tend to get yeast infections. I gave it to my kids when they were babies with diaper rash. Carbohydrates feed yeast, leafy greens and proteins do not; so, when flare ups are bad, I adjust my diet accordingly. I was told that when you treat a yeast infection only topically with cream that it drives the yeast to stay inside, only to return when you stop using the cream. There are oral antifungals as well when you need that extra blast, perhaps inquire if that's an option from your doc. We need both yeast and bacteria in balance in our bodies-its when the balance is gone we have probs.

By parkinit On 2012.08.08 10:38
Thanks for the info. He was on a double cycle of the oral when it went from a yeast infection back to jock itch. He is being a bit more careful and now a combination of lamasil, vaseline, and hydrocortisone cream applied to the crotch area seems to resolve the issue, but we have to do this on a daily basis or its comes back.

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