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By jcoff012 On 2012.08.03 23:45
I was so very proud of my husband today. We had to go into the bank to refi our house and he did it all! I could tell it was very difficult at times and his hand was very weary by the time we were finished, but he did it!

There are times when I see he just cannot do something, even with great effort. But, today, I know he knew this was important, so he steeled himself and made it through...two hours, but he did it!

So, I guess what I am saying, is I will remember this day and the love and care he showed to accomplish this...we will be saving $600+ a month which we are putting into a savings account for the future...

Love that he did this for me...and for his future needs...I PROMISE to remember this.

Have a good weekend. It's only 9 PM PT, but I am tired...stress does that! Jane

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