For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By seawench On 2012.08.07 16:10
On Fri my husband had emergency gall bladder surgery. He has a high tolerance for pain and so he was unaware of how bad he was and he walked to the car and I drove him to the ER.

The gall bladder was really bad and so I asked for PT transport home.

What I got was an arrogant Ambualnce driver who ran a red light on a non-emergent Pt transport, complained about the difficulties in getting him into the home, bullied him during the trip to find out "Who" brought him to the hosp and tried to shame me that I didn't come to the hosp to get his stuff and they had to carry the bags the hosp sent him home with, and threatened to return him to the hosp becasue the home wasn't "safe" in her most humble opinion.

I did tell her that if it hadn't been difficult to get him into the house I wouldn't have called them. I was so angry that at a very stressful time some one I was looking to for help was bullying and berating me up. I later found out she offended most of the nurses on our floor. Those nurses were top notch the whole time we were there. She eveidently had an attitude before she ever arrived.

This is a large national chain that is working to muscle out all the other companies in the area. We have used another company on occasion because I have an adopted brother, he and his wife work for them. Sometimes we use them because I need their emotional support as well.

I did call the supervisor and filed a complaint and I believe he was sincere in his desire to deal with this employee. The company may be trying to take over a region but I think she was taking it a little too far on her own.

I did tell him that we have been happy in the past, we will sometimes choose the other company for the emotional support sometimes. I have determined that living with this disease is enough heartbreak and stress, I do not need more. If I am ever in this position again, I will call for a different driver or even company. We (PWP & I) dond't need this kind of care.


By lurkingforacure On 2012.08.07 19:37
Boy, that's a pisser when the people who are PAID to help cop an attitude. Why are they in the medical field if that is how they feel? Good for you for voicing your experience, hopefully it will be reported in her personnel file and she will have to accept the consequences of her actions and behaviour.

Nothing like a supervisor watching your performance, that's for sure. I noticed all but one of the floor staff could care less about the patients on my mom's floor when she was in rehab but boy oh boy, let the supervisor get off the elevator and you'd have thought the nurse Nazis were on patrol. It made me sick, actually, how they would approach me all sugar sweet and ask if my mom needed anything when the super was there, when moments before they would not even look in my direction when I asked the simplest question. And my mom was in one of the "best" facilities in our area.

All we can do is be the best advocate for our loved ones, and kudos for you for sticking up for your husband, and yourself.

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