For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By seawench On 2012.08.11 13:36
We had our first experience with a major surgery since his dx last week. I am sooooo glad that through this forum and my caregiver suppport group I was much better prepared and informed and that made the difference. Though I must say that all the preparedness can not get you ready for the reality. It was more exhausting having him at the hospital - all the back & forth and still trying to hold down a job and honor embedded commitments.

The first day home was very intimidating. He is normally fairly easy to care for and because of that we didn't have some of the tools that would have made his care easier. I got a real wake up call of how challenging our home can be if you can't walk, and the fear of aspirating during sleep kept me up at night, not to mention his need for constantly being adjusted. For the first time I had to get a sitter so I could get to my drama group's performance. why does it seem that everything piles on together?? Normally my actors could get along with out me but this week we had two understudies - what a pile up! And it all worked out :)

There have been several posts that ask "When Should I?" Since life can turn on a dime I suggest - Now!. Take the help now so you have something to count on when you desperately need it. Right now I am exhausted and yet if you ask me if you can help I really can't see how. I need to figure out how Now! Now is when I need to secure the hospital bed and rearange the room to be wheelchair friendly. We have a small room and he still wants our bedroom set we have had for 30yrs. So it has taken some really creative arranging, but I think I got it. I did have to pose the question - If you want me to stay in the same room (twin pushed up to Hosp Bed) then you may have to loose the dresser, which do you want? Good man he chose well, and I did find a solution for the dresser. I have also found some folks who are willing to donate thier used equipment (Hosp Bed, wheelchair, bath bench ect...)

The biggest change that needs to happen is access to the home. We need to rebuild the porch and incorporate a ramp, fortunately the Landlord/Boss helped us get him out to go to the post op appt and is already thinking about what we need to do. So I guess the moral of the story is to get as prepared as possible as soon as possible and don't wait til it's too late and you are stuck and have to make very expensive choices.

Life is begining to look up again


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