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By barb On 2012.08.12 18:08
Anybody have any experience with seroquel and confusion. My husband no longer has hallucinations. He still takes a couple of seroquel before bed and his nights are terrible. He doesn't sleep well and gets confused. He is fine during the day - taking only sinimet (they took him off everything else because of the hallucinations). I'm thinking life would be better if they titrated off the seroquel.

By lurkingforacure On 2012.08.12 20:09
We had this too with my non-PD mom and got off of it. It didn't help with sleep and caused confusion for us as well, it was pretty bad. They kept telling me to give it more time, but after a week I said that's it.

Sometimes I think more drugs are not the answer and can actually make things worse. But then, as I was told by more than one doc, it's often just a trial and error to find the right one, or combination. Problem is, all the "trying" is really hard on the body.

If you can, try to implement the standard helpful tips everyone gives about good sleep: dark room, cool temperature, and very quiet. We bought several air purifiers and keep them on at night to create a white noise that helps to drown out little noises of the night.

I would also talk to your pharmacist, I have found they can be absolutely invaluable in terms of what a certain drug does inside the body, and in combination with other meds.

By roseofhisheart On 2012.08.15 20:05
My mom, who is in her 70s and has PD and PD dementia, tried 12.5 mg of Seroquel last week. On the third day I visited her in her assisted living faciliity to find she was completely disoriented, unsteady and had spent at least one night vomiting and soiling herself (and trying to clean it all up on her own). Since Seroquel has not been approved for use with the elderly with dementia, these apparent side effects quickly outweighed any potential benefit. That said, there are few alternatives in this imperfect situation; we may need to try again once again down the road. The great thing is that the incident sparked a great conversation between her MDS (who is also my PD doc) and me about philosophy of care, relationships with Big Pharma and more. This alone reassured me and made me more confident that we are on the same page regarding my mom's current care and my own, especially down the road when I (likely) will be less able to make decisions for myself.

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