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By PD Daughter On 2012.09.13 22:32
Recently my dad's doctor put him on ritalin. Previous to this, he was sleeping most of the day, didn't want to do ANYTHING, didn't talk to anyone etc. We thought he either had depression or apathy. But, now he is a totally different person. Calls me just to talk, doesn't nap all the time, does various activities around the house and actually expresses feelings of boredom (he hasn't talked about his feelings for a looooong time). Anyone else experienced this difference with ritalin? I've read that researchers think ritalin bolsters the effect of levodopa. I'm just hoping it's not a short-term effect. :o

By parkinit On 2012.09.15 15:23
My spouse has never taken Ritalin.

By karolinakitty On 2012.09.15 18:38
My son was on Ritalin for years...diagnosed of course very young with adhd only later to be diagnosed bi-polar....

Way back in the day when they first started giving ritalin to children it was said that if a child is truly hyperactive the ritalin would calm them down...if a child wasn't hyper then the ritalin would make then active or hyper....i also know of several cases where a.d.d. kids in high school and college sold their ritalin to non-a.d.d. kids so they could have more energy and cram for tests.....that this point with all my parkies I never heard of them getting ritalin...

By mylove On 2012.09.15 19:15
Just to clarify, it's not a quack treatment - I just read about this in some other location (sorry I can't pull it up just at the moment). The main purpose is to combat the severe fatigue found in PD. I thought it was an interesting concept.

By parkinit On 2012.10.13 22:12
I've been doing some reading on Ritalin. It was given to PWP as early as 2004. In some readings, it was also given credit for aiding walking in PWP. It also may produces a decreased sense of fatigue, an increase in motor activity and mental alertness, mild euphoria, and brighter spirits (i.e., aid with depression).

As with most "helpful" drugs, the side effects are enough to scare most of us away.

Here is a good article on the pros and cons of the drugs as well as side effects:

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