For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By jcoff012 On 2012.10.12 23:02
It took the election and a political disagreement to bring out the loud voice in my husband! It was GREAT! So much of the time, I cannot understand or hear him, but we were driving in the car this morning, and discussing the election, when he raised his voice! It shocked me and I said, "Holy cow! I HEARD that!" He looked at me, perplexed, and said, "Are you implying that I am "faking" my quiet voice?" I started laughing, really laughing and said, "Crimey, don't be so paranoic...I just meant that if it takes politics to bring out the voice I was used to hearing for 46 years, so be it! Let's talk about something Obama/Romney-esque!" LOLOL Then, we both laughed and he said, "I'd rather get a sandwich somewhere!" lolol Had a sweet, lovely day!

By Laurel On 2012.10.13 02:13
Sounds wonderful! My husband's voice is also getting quieter. I have two quiet daughters, so I feel like I'm constantly saying "what?".

By barb On 2012.10.13 07:17
Between the slurring and the soft voice I'm always asking him to repeat what he said. The only time I understand what he is saying is when he gets angry.

By parkinit On 2012.10.13 22:42
I agree. It is very difficult to understand and then when I get tired of saying "huh" and just don't respond, he tells me I'm ignoring him. I told him, I'm not ignoring you, I just don't hear you, so rather than me say "huh" all the time, you will know you need to repeat what you said! LOL

By LOHENGR1N On 2012.10.13 23:47
Ah....politics! Yup that can raise voices! Rereading through this thread I was reminded (mostly because I live alone with my service dog and dogs have good hearing) that when my help comes in the morning a lot of times She'll open the door with a hello or good morning which I answer and then answer again. She'll come down to the computer room and say I said good morning and I say I know I answered good morning twice. My point I'm getting at is in our busy days one can forget all about our voices being soft or mumbly. I can forget to mute or turn down the T.V. when answering, She can forget and ask a question from down the hall or another room. My Dog? Tess hears everything! I'm thinking it's a good thing that We, spouses, caregivers and patients can't or We'd be having some really spicy threads going here on the forum! Just a reminder to myself and anyone else who might need one to turn down volume or try to be it the same room to converse. We're all in this together. Take care, best of luck and hang in there.

By jcoff012 On 2012.10.14 14:23
It is always great to come on here and see posts! Lo, you are such a dear and I enjoy all you write!

Want to hear something else great that happened this week?

Our youngest daughter and her husband are taking my husband and I to Disneyland for a WEEK right after Thanksgiving...Now, we know there will be problems, so after my posting on here a month ago, and their concerns, they have decided...

1-Dad and I *deserve* a long vacation with them paying for everything because we have been caregivers for their now 3 year old son for all but the first three years of his life. (for no pay)

2-They booked two rooms at the Grand Californian so that he can come and go at his leisure (it is IN the park, so he can hop on the monorail to go back and forth to rest).

3-They booked a medium size RV for the long drive down (10 hours) so that he can get up and walk around, get a cold drink, watch tv, etc. coming and going.

4-They already called the park about wheel chairs, etc...he isn't in one, but who knows...

and, best of all, they know that taking our time, taking breaks, resting are all part of this...I agreed to keep our grandson in our room for a few hours daily for his nap and to allow them time to do grownup things together (my husband will rest, too).

They have been saving a long time and my daughter is using her bonus check from work to make this happen...

Lots of tears, but very much appreciated. We are anticipating problems, but we know that this may be our last trip which will be more easily possible with the young one still unable to ride the rides that Grandpa no longer can...a non-issue.

This is a far cry from our reception from our daughter who just doesn't "get" PD, but we'll take it!

Nice to see them treat him like a human being, not a burden...Hugs!

By jcoff012 On 2012.10.14 16:56
******lolol...that's: we have been our grandson's caregiver all but the first three MONTHS of his life! He's only three years old right now! LOL

By parkinit On 2012.10.14 22:02
I'm happy that you both have this opportunity! Cease the day!

By joyinchrist67 On 2012.10.19 14:06
I am new to this site and have found all the posts have touched on so many of the areas that my precious Wiley and I are dealing with.
Of course Wiley is the one with parkinsons, and he has had a very successful intervention with DBS...this procedure controls his tremors so well, but the freezing of his gait is still a problem, and evidently one that will continue.
I hate to even mention this on my part, but the greatly reduced volume of his speech on top of the stammering does create a need to continuously respond with "HUH?"...and of course this makes our communication very strained, but we have learned to laugh and say..."come again?'".. then we giggle and calm down. It is a second by second, minute by minute kind of coping that can either be a cause for anger or a cause of great humor...we prefer the latter.
All of your posts are so helpful and we so look forward to this resource as a way to share with and glean valuable insights from all of our partners in PD...

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