For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By VioletV On 2012.10.14 12:33
I've just discovered this forum, and while I don't exactly think of myself as a caregiver (yet!) I am so relieved to find a place to connect with others who live with a loved one with PD

My story, in brief.
I met and married my husband knowing about his PD - and his young daughter (by his late wife). By far the bigger challenge has been step-mothering a now-13-year old. We (my husband and I) are such a good match -- the marriage is a very comfortable one, and he is amazing for what he does despite PD.

He's in the middle of a med change -- coming off Mirapex -- a medication which has caused him to develop obsessive home-repair. He spent the better part of three or four days working on a small improvement to our front door. Similarly spent a lot of time changing out the latches on bathroom doors in our 150 year-old house. (I'd rather that than some of the other compulsions that Mirapex can cause!)

The funniest thing at this point is that I have hearing aids for late-onset hearing loss, and he has a voice that, especially in the evening, is quite difficult to hear. My aids do pretty well, but still, it seems that every sentence one of us speaks is punctuated by "what was that sweetheart?" Fortunately we can have a sense of humor about it, but it can be a comedy of errors at times.

So, I am so glad to have found this online community. I'll be back!

By VioletV On 2017.09.04 20:32
Just out of curiosity, I've gone back to find my first post on this Forum. It has been almost 5 years. I've read a couple of my other posts. I don't think I knew how long I've been carrying this--how long ago I started commenting about dementia.


By Trusting On 2017.09.04 23:54
Violet, I feel your pain! My husband has PD and he is the one with hearing aids (that never seem to work). When he doesn't answer me I never know if he didn't hear me or couldn't process what I said. It's no fun playing the guessing game all the time, is it?

By mylove On 2017.09.05 09:44
Violet - how did you find your first post? I'm curious to bring mine up.

By VioletV On 2017.09.06 00:14
my love,
I used the search link above and then entered my name, 999 for number of posts and 100 for number of days.

By determined On 2017.09.06 15:37

my browser bookmark for this forum just happens to be your first post (historically).

so here is the link, in case you are having trouble locating it:

By mylove On 2017.09.06 23:05
WOW. Thank you - what a blast from the past! That truly was my first post, ten years and 675 posts ago. I sounded so doggone young and smarmy! :)

The funny thing is....none of the real stuff has changed. We are minus the kids who lived in the house we blended together, the job he loved, and the house we bought as a couple. There are many more pills per day, at a few more intervals, than there were back then. And he's up to two 2-Hour naps per day to get through. But he's still brilliant and bold and brave and beautiful, and much more than I ever deserved. Lots of water have passed under the bridge we built ten years ago, but I still have no regrets.

I'm not sure he would want me to pray for ten more years. If I could have just a few more like the ones we've had....

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