For those who care for someone with Parkinson's disease
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By Laurel On 2012.10.15 14:55
I take care of my husband, who was diagnosed with PD 17 years ago. (He's 57 now.) My sister is my primary support, and she lives an hour and a half away. When she's not at work we email, sometimes dozens of time in a night, or we Skype. She's leaving on a six-week vacation, at least three solid weeks of which she'll be completely unavailable. Steven and I are very isolated, both in where we live and in our number of friends, so she's really it for me. I honestly don't know how I'll get through it. I'm very scared.

By jaxrock On 2012.10.15 16:15
Oh, my........that's hard

Did you mention this situation to your husband's doctor? I wonder if he/she may have some ideas for you..

Also, are there any PD organizations anywhere near you?

You mention a few friends..........perhaps they have some ideas of how they can be of help during the time period your sister is away? Even if it's merely to be accessible for phone conversations any time of the day or night.....

Do you have access to a "sitter" type organization? Here we have Sitters Etc and Sitters and More............

There must be someone who can help you out.............It's difficult to ask for help, but,'re going to need it.....

I wish you luck ...................

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