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By LC On 2012.10.16 10:03
After my mentioned to his neurologist that he gets up several times at night to urinate the doctor said he should have a sleep study. The neurologist said that sleep apnea is common in people with PD. My husband didn't want to hear that and refused to have the sleep study. He said he would not be able to sleep with a CPAP. He also blames his frequent urination on radiation treatment for prostate cancer. Does anyone out there have sleep apnea? Do you use a CPAP?

By lurkingforacure On 2012.10.16 14:52
I don't know anyone with PD who can sleep a full night, this is well documented. I guess by your husband refusing to do a sleep analysis, he is saying he is OK with getting up at all hours....which is fine for him, if he doesnt' care about sleeping well, but a bit selfish if his getting up interferes with your sleep.

Lots of folks sleep with a CPAP and feel so much better and refreshed, I would try to get him to at least try it. If it helped, you could BOTH be getting more and better sleep, a bonus.

By Laurel On 2012.10.16 15:11
My husband's sleep doctor prescribed a "thing" (for lack of a real word) that is more like a valve -- it fits over the nostrils with a bandaid and the breathing is regulated through it. I don't entirely understand how it works, but he's had total relief. It's a great alternative to the cpap.

I hope you both get some sleep . . .

By karolinakitty On 2012.10.16 16:06
every neuro we went to wanted the sleep apnea test...after this last one Jim went for it...guess what? No sleep's a parky thing....mine sleeps 3 - 4 hours maybe..up for a while..back to bed...its very very common...if he had prostate issues...that could be the urination problem too...if he is on a dopamine agonist...that too could be the problem...and... and... and....

One question the doc asked me only AFTER the test was this: Did I notice if he ever stopped breathing during the night? my answer...Nope...guess he should have asked that first tight???saved medicare and me some money!!!!

OH yeah more thing.....this past weekend we went to a Parkinson's conference in Atlanta...because this is such a common problem...they had a hospitality room set up with snacks...goodies and ALL NIGHT LONG..for anyone who needed was full...every night....

By Jane On 2012.10.17 15:27
After two years of not being able to sleep more then three hours during the night his doctor agreed to give my husband a very low dose of Seroquel at bed time. Since then he has been able to sleep up to six hours per night. You may want to ask your doctor about Seroquel.

By whyhim69 On 2012.10.18 16:39
I would be very CAREFUL if on Seroquel, a very strong and sometimes dangerous outcome drug.......... Please please talk to pharmacist and Dr reguarding ALL side effects! Coming from someone who has witnessed the outcome of the side

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